Seiko 007 Review: Brief Look At The Seiko SKX007

The Seiko SKX007 is a very popular and well respected entry level diving watch. It manages to capture the luxury aesthetics of the Rolex Submariner, while still remaining affordable, and competitively priced when compared to other entry level diving watches on the market. If you are familiar with the Seiko SKX009, then you will notice that these two watches are pretty much identical, save for a different color pattern. We did a comparison on the two watches in a previous article. But today, we are here to talk about the SKX007. In this Seiko 007 review, we are going to be examining the Seiko SKX007 dimensions and specs, design, and features.

Seiko SKX007 Dimensions And Specs

The Seiko SKX007 dimensions and specs are as follows: The case is 42 millimeters in diameter, and 13 millimeters thick, while the band has a width of 22 millimeters.

Both the watch case and band are made from silver stainless steel. The Seiko SKX007 has an analog display, and uses Japanese automatic movement. Its dial window is made from hardlex. The watch itself weights in at 7.05 ounces.

This is a men’s diving watch, and it should be a good fit on the average man’s wrist. You can always swap out the band though, if you find it necessary to do so.

Seiko SKX007 Design

Right off the bat, I have always been a fan of the black/silver contrast. This watch demonstrates that balance exceptionally well, with the entire watch being silver, and the dial and bezel black. The polished finish looks quite nice for a more inexpensive watch. It definitely has a more premium look to it. Onto the watch face, both the dial and bezel have white markers. You will notice that the bezel has an arrow at the top, and numbers in increments of 10.

The dial, mainly uses white dots to mark the hours. Note that at the 12 o’clock position there is an arrow marker, while the 6 and 12 o’clock positions have oval markers. Also, the date window is featured at the 3 o’clock position. The hour and minute markers have the traditional sword shape to them. The minute hand, however, is a simple straight line, with a round dot at the back of it.

The bezel is ridged, making it easier to grip when rotating. This watch features a screw down crown, which is protected between crown guards. On the back of the case, you will find the Seiko tsunami engraving, which is a staple Seiko’s diving watches. Its default band, is the standard chain link design. The silver stainless steel chain link band matches the the silver case color of the watch. Some people, prefer to swap it out with rubber or nylon bands though, as that can be easier on the skin when going for long dives.

Seiko SKX007 Features

Starting with the most basic feature for a diving watch, the Seiko SKX007, is water resistant up to a depth of 660 feet. The white markers on the dial, as well as the hour and minute hands are luminous, which increases visibility in the dark. Also luminous, is the little dot on the back end of the second hand.

In order to set the time, you wold unscrew the crown, and pull it all the way out. From there, you would just turn it until you reach the current time you want to set it at. Once the time is set, you would push it back in all the way, and screw it back down.

To set the date, you would unscrew the crown, pull it out only halfway, then turn it until you hit the right date, and then push it back in. Some users have noted that it is sometimes difficult to unscrew the crown. This no doubt helps to keep it sealed enough to prevent water from getting in. Although it may be difficult to unscrew at first, over time it will loosen a bit and become easier to work with.

The Seiko SKX007 features a 120 click unidirectional, rotating bezel. This is a pretty standard feature in most diving watches, as it will allow you to keep up with how much time you have spent underwater. Very handy to have.

Quick Look

  • premium look
  • water resistant to a depth of 660 feet
  • luminous hands and markers
  • 120 click unidirectional, rotating bezel
    • crown can sometimes be difficult to unscrew

Seiko 007 Review: Wrapping Things Up

So in conclusion, when we look at the quality and features, I believe that the Seiko SKX 007 is one of the best entry level diving watches you can get. By default, this would also apply to the SKX009 as well, since they are pretty much the same thing.

If, however, you want a watch that is similar in style, but even less expensive, you can try the Orient Mako 2.

Anyway, this concludes our Seiko 007 review! I hope this article proved helpful!

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