Armitron Vs Casio: A Worthy Competitor?

In this article, we will be comparing Armitron Vs Casio watches. Now most people that are at least somewhat interested in watches are probably already familiar with the Casio brand. They have a long and is established history in the industry.

But what about Armitron? This company is not at the forefront of popularity in the watch space, but does this mean that they sell an inferior product? Could it also be the case that Armitron is a hidden gem and a worthy competitor to Casio?

The purpose of this piece is to answer these questions and find out definitively which one of these brands is, in fact superior. To start out though, we will take a brief look at each brand to see what they are all about in the first place.

Armitron Vs Casio: Brand Comparisons


This may not be the go to name brand watch, but since 2005, Armitron has ranked as one of the top 10 fashion watch brands in the United States. It competes with Fossil, Timex, Guess, Bulova, Pulsar, Movado, Citizen, Seiko, and of course, Casio.

The brand is even endorsed by pro sports teams and athletes. Armitron has been endorsed by big names in sports such as former professional football player Jerry Rice, and former professional basketball player Larry Bird. Even today, at the time of writing this article, Armitron is still the official timekeeper of the New York Yankees baseball team.

Armitron was formed in 1956. The watches themselves are manufactured by the E. Gluck Corporation. At the time Armitron was actually formed, the E.Gluck Corporation was a subsidiary of the Armin corporation. The Armin corporation specialized in electronics. However, towards the end of the 1970s, the E. Gluck Corporation separated from the Armin Corporation, becoming its own privately held company.

When Armitron watches were first produced, they were powered by LEDs. They boasted having 5 function features. These were hour, minutes, seconds, day, and date features. The watches themselves were customized using cases imported from Switzerland, and watch bands imported from China. From there, the watches were manufactured in Arlington, Texas in the United States.

As technology continued to advance, the LEDs used in Armitron watch displays were no longer practical. These LED displays were then replaced with LCD displays, which became the new standard. They now produce a wide variety of different types of watches


Casio Is a Japanese electronics company that was founded in 1946. It was started by a Japanese engineer named Kashio Seisakujo. It’s easy to see where Casio gets its name from! Well anyways, Kashio and his 3 brothers, Yukio, Kazuo, and Toshio, produced the world’s first electronic calculator in 1954.

They came up with numerous innovations in digital cameras and electric musical instruments throughout the 80s, and 90s. It was also around this time that they got heavily involved in producing digital watches. This would include the popular G-Shock line of watches.

Casio watches usually focus on specializing in one specific area. For instance, Their G-Shock watches are intended to be as tough and rugged as possible. On the other hand, Their Protrek watches are more suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting, and camping. And then you have their Edifice line, which is intended to be a more formal or dress type watch.

Verdict On Brand comparisons

Although both Armitron and Casio have different types of watches, Casio’s watches have more specialized features. This focus on specialized watch functions is at least one factor that has kept them so competitive and innovative over the years.

Winner: Casio

Now that we’ve delved into the background of these two brands, it’s time to compare the actual watches themselves to see how they match up! To find out which brand is best, we will be taking a look at the build quality and pricing of these two brands.

Armitron Vs Casio: Build Quality 🏚

Here we will be examining the types of materials mainly used in the watches produced by these brands.


Like Casio, Armitron also produces different types of watches from dress, to casual, to sport. Their sport watches in particular have an uncanny resemblance to Casio’s G-Shocks. Their sports watches are also built similar to G-Shocks.

Armitron’s sport watches feature a resin case, acrylic dial window, and either a nylon, or plastic band. These Armitron sport watches can also have either a purely digital, or an analog/digital display. Finally, they will usually be water resistant to a depth of 330 feet.

The other watches in Armitron’s library such as dress, and casual watches tend to take on a more traditional build. These watches will be analog, and both the cases and bands are usually made of stainless steel, with a mineral crystal dial window. Some, are made of brass though. And of course they do, have watches with leather bands as well.

Their non-sport themed watches also are less water resistant. Some are not water resistant at all, while others are water resistant to a depth of 165 feet.


Casio’s watches ae generally well built for their price. Their G-Shocks especially, are extremely popular because of their durability.

Casio’s G-Shock watches have resin cases, with mineral crystal windows. The bands on G-Shocks are mostly going to be plastic, but you have some that are made of resin also. The display on G-Shocks will be either digital, or analog/digital. Lastly, all G-Shocks are going to be water resistant at least to a depth of 660 feet.

Casio’s other watches, follow similar standards. The majority of their watch lines sport the mineral crystal window. As far as cases go, you will find a lot of cases made of stainless steel. The bands will vary from plastic, to stainless steel, and even some fabric bands. The configuration of the case and band material will vary among their different lines. Finally, water resistance in Casio’s watches can vary from 100 to 660 feet or more, but they will have some type of water resistance.

The Verdict On Build Quality

A lot of Armitron’s sport watches have acrylic dial windows compared to Casio’s G-Shock mineral crystal windows. Acrylic is more prone to scratches. Also, the water resistance on Armitron’s sport watches is limited to a depth of 165 feet vs Casio G-Shock’s 660 feet. Now some of Casio’s watches may only be water resistant 100 feet, but the water resistance is going to be there, while Armitron has watches with no water resistance at all.

Winner: Casio

Armitron Vs Casio: Price 💲

Both of these brands are marketed as being inexpensive choices, but which one is the better deal?

Armitron Prices

Armitron watches stay in the budget range for the most part. They can vary in price from bargain bin pricing for some of their sport watches, to slightly more expensive, yet affordable for their better dress watches. But you would be hard pressed to find any Armitron watches that would be considered “expensive”.

Casio Prices

Casio also makes watches of varying prices. Some of their watches will also be dirt cheap. Within many of their lines, however, you will find watches in the multiple hundreds of dollar ranges, with some being particularly expensive.

The Verdict On Pricing

Here we see that Armitron has consistently lower prices. It can be argued that the Casio products are of a superior quality, but in the end, If you know you are looking for the cheapest of the cheap, then you would want to browse the Armitron collections first.

Winner: Armitron

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Armitron Vs Casio: Final Conclusion

Based on what we have covered here, in general, Casio watches are of a consistently higher quality, and contain more specialized features suited for their particular tasks.

So if you are looking for a better quality watch, then you would want to go with Casio. If, however, you want nothing but budget friendly options, then Armitron is for you.

Keep in mind though, that just because Casio watches may be of a higher quality, this does not mean that Armitron watches are a horrible purchase. Armitron watches receive positive reviews on many online marketplaces.

The ultimate decision about whether or not to make a purchase rests on the consumer. All I can do here is give my opinion based on the information available to me.

Well I hope you enjoyed this comparison! Feel free to check out some of our other Vs articles here!

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