Citizen Vs Invicta: Two Companies With Swiss Roots!

This time our comparison will match up Citizen Vs Invicta watches. These two brands have both made their mark on the industry in their own respective ways. Both companies also have Swiss ties when you look back on their early history.

Each brand has its own particular strengths and weaknesses. So deciding which brand is “better”, is going to be more about which brand would be best to suit your own particular, individual needs.

There are, of course, a few key factors we can look at between any two brands when it comes to drawing up comparisons. These would be the build quality, the design and style, and finally the pricing. Looking at these 3 factors can at least point us in the right direction when it comes to making a decision about a superior watch brand.

With that being said, we are going to compare all of these points in this Citizen vs Invicta comparison. But before we get into that, though, let’s take a look at a few facts about these two brands.

About These Two Brands


While Citizen is primarily a Japanese company, the Swiss did have a role in its formation in the early 1900s. As a matter of fact, it was a Swiss investor by the name of Rodolphe Schmid, who opened up the first Citizen watch factories in Japan. Since its inception, Citizen has gone on to make various technological contributions in the watch industry as a whole.


Invicta actually began as a Swiss watch brand. However, when quartz watches were introduced into the market, the company started to struggle. It was later acquired by an American company, and has since gone on to become successful. They found their place in the market as a company who offers affordable luxury styled watches.

Now we can start getting into the comparisons between these two brands.

Citizen Vs Invicta: Build Quality

citizen invicta build


Citizen watches can utilize either quartz or automatic movements. They have stainless steel cases, with dial windows are made of either mineral crystal, or synthetic sapphire. The bands on Citizen watches can be made from stainless steel, nylon, leather, or rubber, depending on the model.

Finally, their watches are water resistant anywhere from 30 to 100 meters (their Eco-Drive Promaster goes even higher, having up to 300 meters of water resistance).


Invicta also manufactures both quartz and automatic watches. They also have the usual stainless steel cases. The dial windows are either made of mineral crystal, synthetic sapphire, or Invicta’s “Flame fusion” version of mineral crystal, which combines properties of both sapphire and mineral.

The bands will be made of stainless steel, leather, polyurethane, or silicone. Lastly, for water resistance, you will see resistances from as low as 30 meters in their standard watches, to as high as 300 meters in some of their divers.

One thing I will mention is there have always been numerous complaints about the longevity of Invicta watches. Some people don’t experience problems at all, while others have parts break within the first year.

Verdict On Build Quality

While Invicta certainly looks good on paper when it comes to water resistance, and flame fusion mineral crystal dial windows, the overall longevity of the watches is questionable. Citizen watches have a better reputation when it comes to reliability and longevity.

Citizen Vs Invicta: Design And Style

citizen invicta style


Citizen has styles ranging from dress watches, to sport watches, diving watches, and even smartwatches. There is definitely a lot to choose from here, and they have a lot of nice looking watches.

Citizen does mix it up a bit with the designs. Some of them will be the standard types of designs you would expect to see, while others will have a more artistic flair to them. Mostly though, their designs are pretty down to earth and can fit with just about any attire.


Invicta, though mostly known for their diving watches, actually has a lot of variety in their styles. Some of their styles are simple and standard, while others are pretty flashy. They go for a more contemporary, modern look. Even some of the different color patterns used in their watches make for some very impressive looking designs.

Between the styles, and color patterns, they have watches for just about every demographic. Invicta watches overall will appeal to those who want something that really stands out, as some of their watches have an exceptionally extravagant designs.

Verdict On Design And Style

While both brands have their own separate styles, Invicta has a greater variety of styles and takes a less standard approach to fashion, which works in their favor.

Citizen Vs Invicta: Pricing

citizen invicta pricing

In this area, there is an obvious winner. Citizen watches are priced in the mid tier, so they can be a bit expensive. Invicta, on the other hand, is budget friendly for the most part.

Now Invicta does have some mid tier priced watches, but the majority of Invicta watches are priced in very affordable ranges. Invicta has far more lower priced options than Citizen.

Check Citizen Prices On Amazon

Check Invicta Prices On Amazon

Citizen Vs Invicta: Final Conclusion

The results of this comparison are in! Based on the facts we have looked at here today, we can conclude that Invicta watches while not necessarily as reliable, are slightly more stylish, and less expensive, on average than Citizen watches. They also make great diving watches, which is a definite plus.

Now I understand a lot of people have had complaints about the quality of Invicta watches in the past, but, these watches do get consistently good reviews. Perhaps their quality control has improved.

Also keep in mind, that there are other factors that one can use to determine the worth of a brand. As I stated earlier, you ultimately have to go with the brand that best suits your needs. Invicta makes great diving watches, while Citizen has arguably higher quality movement and parts.

And that wraps up our Citizen Vs Invicta comparison. If you enjoyed this article, and want to see more of our comparisons like this, you can find those here

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