Fashion Watch: What Is It And Are They Good?

Today, we will be discussing the “fashion watch”. First things first though, what is a fashion watch? I’ll give the short answer. A fashion watch is a watch that is geared more towards style than substance.

Now at first glance this may sound like a bad thing, but this is not necessarily the case. The fashion watch has its own respective place within the industry. Throughout this article, we will get into more details about fashion watches.

Some people seem to have a general distaste for fashion watches in general. A lot of this stems from the fact that in many cases fashion watches are not made from premium materials, yet are still sold at higher prices than they should be.

Once again, this comes back down to the purpose of fashion watches in the first place. Fashion watches are designed for their style, more than anything. With that being said, not all fashion watches are going to be expensive either.

Some common examples of fashion watches include Michael Kors, Daniel Wellington, Armani, Fossil, and Anne Klein.

In the next part, we will be looking at what all criteria determine whether or not a watch is a fashion watch.

How To Tell If A Watch Is A Fashion Watch

There are several tell tale signs that watch is a fashion watch. Such a watch may have some or all of these qualities, but if you see these some of these things, there is a good chance that the watch you are looking at is a fashion watch.

A Person’s Name Is The Brand Name

One of the first things you may notice in fashion watches, is that the brand name might be a person’s name. And what I mean by this is that it will be both a person’s first and last name as the brand name.

There are a few possible reasons for this. One reason is that it is more personal. Having a person’s name as the brand name can give a more intimate connection between the brand and the consumer. It can come off as more personable and appeal more to a person’s emotions.

Another reason is that it is more authoritative. A person’s name in the brand can give it more authority. It can make the brand seem as though it stands out in the market.

Finally, a lot of times having a person’s brand name can give the brand a sense of sophistication, especially if it is a foreign sounding name like French or Italian. Foreign sounding names are common among luxury items such as cars, clothing, etc. You tend to see that a lot of high end and expensive items will have foreign sounding and exotic names.

Lower Quality Materials

This is another thing that you may see a lot of times in fashion watches. Once again, this is not always the case, but in many instances, fashion watches will lack premium materials in their builds, yet still be sold at relatively higher prices.

Unlike with luxury watches, which may have sapphire glass windows and above average water resistance, fashion watches many times do not possess these qualities. You find that a lot of fashion watches have little to no water resistance, and have mineral crystal or even glass dial windows.

You even see some of the lower priced fashion watches using cheaper steel alloys or copper cases versus stainless steel, which is the standard case material in most watches. But again, this is because fashion watches place a premium on looks before quality.

Lack Of Extra Functions

This is yet another thing you see a lot in fashion watches. Oftentimes a fashion watch will be a simple analog watch with no extra functions, no hacking, no date window, and no luminosity.

Now it is true that a lot of luxury watches do not have extra features either. however, in the case of luxury watches, the feature is that they are finely tuned and well crafted high quality timepieces. A luxury watch doesn’t need any extra bells and whistles because it is already a marvel of mechanical engineering.

When it comes to fashion watches, however, the feature is the look of the watch alone. It may be that the watch has a lavish design, or it could also be that a particular design is trending and popular at the moment. In any event, the style and look is the feature that the fashion watch relies on.

Fashion Watches Pricing

This is another point of contention among many watch enthusiasts. Fashion watches tend to be priced much higher than their perceived worth. Even with the cheaper ones, they can still hit mid tier pricing despite a lack of quality in their build.

This again comes down to the purpose of fashion watches, which is to look good and be trendy. In a lot of cases the premium price tags are based on brand name alone. A brand with greater recognition and higher social appeal can charge higher prices for their products based on the popularity if the brand alone.

A brand that is high in popularity creates a higher demand for their products. Therefore they can then command a higher price for their products.

So with all this being said, are fashion watches worth getting?

Are Fashion Watches Good?

The answer to this question is pretty simple, actually. Fashion watches are good if you are looking for something fashionable and trendy. That’s what they are for. If you are looking for a high quality timepiece, however, then you might want to try a luxury watch.

Luxury watches tend to be pretty expensive, but there are less expensive entry level luxury watches as well, such as Tissot. Then, of course there are also luxury alternatives, or homages to more expensive luxury watches which capture the premium look and style without the premium price tag.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately while not for everybody, the fashion watch is going to appeal to a certain niche audience. While they may not be in the same category as luxury watches, they still hold a place in the heats of many watch enthusiasts.

And that pretty much sums up our brief look into the world of fashion watches. If you enjoyed the contents of this article, then don’t hesitate to check out some of our other information articles to learn more interesting facts about watches!

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