Forsining Watch Review: FSG340M3T3

Forsining watches are another brand that manufactures stylish and inexpensive watches . In this article we will do a Forsining watch review of the Forsining men’s self winding original automatic tourbillion FSG340M3T3. We will be taking a quick look at its specs, design, and features.


The watch has an analog dial featuring automatic, self winding movement. The FSG340M3T3 has a black, dial, with a stainless steel bezel, and mineral crystal dial window. It has a stainless steel case, 46 millimeters in diameter, and 15.20 millimeters thick. The band is black, 24 millimeters, made of artificial leather, and features a buckle type clasp.


This is a tourbillion style watch, so it features the tourbillion escapement at the lower end of the dial, which is always a nice look on a watch. There is also a nice contrast between the black dial and band, and the rosy brass colored bezel and markers within the dial. The color scheme gives it a very sleek, premium look.


This watch is able to work without a battery, as it is powered automatically by the movements of your arms. It has a fully winding spring, that doesn’t need to be turned if you wear the watch for more than 10 hours per day, as your natural arm movement will self wind it. It features a date display at the top, which is adjusted by pressing the top button on the right, the middle button sets the time, the month is set by pressing the bottom button on the right, and the day, by pressing the lower button on the left side.

Quick Look

  • tourbillion design
  • stylish
  • automatic movement
  • inexpensive


Overall, this is actually a pretty decent watch, for the price. It has a high degree of customer satisfaction, so I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for an affordable tourbillion style watch, or if you just like the way it looks. This has been our forsining watch review of the FSG340M3T3 Forsining men’s self winding original automatic tourbillion watch.

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8 thoughts on “Forsining Watch Review: FSG340M3T3”

  1. Swiss movement. Please elaborate. You can get these for $40 on Wish. At that price, with a wiss movement, it is a steal.

  2. I have now had my Forsining Tourbillon auto for 7 months. It is worn 24/7.
    I find that it needs winding every few days, as it loses time or even stops, especially at night. Does not seem to have much,if any power reserve. Keeps acceptable time and is good looking, but is really a winding watch.


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