Lifebee Smartwatch Review: Dirt Cheap Smartwatch?

In this article we are going to review the Lifebee smartwatch. The interesting thing about this smartwatch in particular is how inexpensive it is. This leads us to the question we are all wondering which is, “Can a cheap smartwatch really be any good?” The Lifebee smartwatch has gotten mostly favorable reviews, so at first glance, it would appear to be a good purchase.

Of course how good this smartwatch really is, also depends on what features you are looking for. Different smartwatches are going to be better for different tasks. And, generally speaking, the less expensive a smartwatch is, the less features and functionality it is going to have. Does this hold true for the Lifebee? Or is it an exception? Well, let’s find out!

We’re going to be taking a look at the design, features, and the pricing of the Lifebee smartwatch to see what this watch has to offer, and if it is indeed worth buying or not.

Lifebee Smartwatch Review

The very first thing that we are going to look at really quick, is the general specs of this smartwatch.


  • Compatibility: IOS 8.0 and up + Android 4.4 and up
  • Screen Size: 1.3 inches
  • Screen Type: TFT display
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 and up
  • Battery Life: 7 to 10 days of use, or 42 days in standby
  • Water Resistance: IP68


Next up, when you look the design, it already has that familiar look which has become a staple of smartwatches and fitness trackers. You have several color options to choose from as well. So many smartwatches have adopted this design because it works so well on several different levels.

First of all it has a modern look and aesthetic. That makes this style very accessible. Just by looking at it, you know it has many of the benefits of modern technology built in.

Secondly, its small and slim. This more low profile design makes it very comfortable. Since it lacks the bulk of traditional watches, it will be easier on your wrist when wearing it for long periods of time or when engaging in fitness activities.

Lastly, its gender neutral, unisex design means that the same model can be worn by both men and women respectively.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the design, next, let’s see what kinds of features this smartwatch has to offer.


lifebee smartwatch features

The Lifebee smartwatch has a pretty good range of features, considering its a budget smartwatch. While it is not going to have any of the advanced features you may expect to see in far more expensive, and name brand smartwatches, what it does have is fairly impressive.

Basic Features 🔧

It has basic functionality such as an alarm, and stopwatch. Also you will receive text, app, social media, and call notifications when paired with your smartphone. The watch will vibrate to alert you of these notifications.

It is worth noting that you can only decline incoming calls from the watch. You cannot accept calls with it. Lastly, there is also a sedentary reminder to alert you of when you have been sitting in one place for too long.

Fitness Features 💪

The fitness features are what really stand out about this particular smartwatch. To start, it tracks up to 11 different sports modes. These modes include activities such as walking, running, cycling, yoga, and boating.

You will need to download the VeryFitPro app to access all of the features. The activity tracker works all day and the pedometer will track how many steps you take, your pace, how many miles you travel, and how many calories you burned.

It has a relaxation mode that guides you through slow breathing cycles. This mode is good for meditation, as well as to help you cool down after a workout.

With the data collected through the app, you can monitor your fitness goals, progress, and optimize your training. You can also customize some of these modes to your liking. This is a great aid when it comes to achieving your objectives.

Vitals Monitoring ❤

The sleep tracker will track how long you are awake on average, and the average time you are asleep. It will also measure how much time you spend in deep sleep, and light sleep

The heart rate monitor will measure your heart rate in real time. You will be able to view your resting heart rate, your average heart rate per day, and your maximum heart rate.

There is also a mode for women that can be used to track and predict menstrual cycles.


lifebee smartwatch pricing

This watch sits on the lowest tier of the pricing spectrum for smartwatches. It is an incredibly inexpensive device, all things considered. It is rare to come across smartwatches in this price range that offer a decent degree of quality and features. When you consider what you are getting versus what you pay for the Lifebee smartwatch is a very good deal overall.

At these prices, this would be a pretty low risk investment. And depending on where you get it, and which color option you choose, the prices will vary, but any way it goes, this watch is very affordable for just about anyone’s budget.

Lifebee Smartwatch Review: Final Conclusion

It is rare to find a legitimately good smartwatch this cheap. However, the Lifebee smartwatch is a great fitness tracker for the price. And that’s all it is, pretty much. It is just a fitness tracker basically.

There is not going to be a wide range of app compatibility and extended features like the kind that you would find in the more expensive smartwatches. However, at a fraction of the price of those expensive ones, if you are just looking for a decent fitness tracker, then the Lifebee should more than suit your purposes.

That wraps up this review. I hope that the information provided has been useful to you. If you enjoyed this article, and want to see some more of our other smartwatch reviews and info, then you can check those out here

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