Louis XVI Watches – High Quality, or Cheap Imitation?

Today we are going to be taking a look at Louis XVI watches. This is a relatively unknown brand that shows up on the online marketplaces. Now these watches are somewhat pricey, so the question becomes, are they worth the asking price?

If you are going to invest a significant amount of money into a brand you know little about, then it would be in your best interest to find out as much as you can about the brand in question. And that is exactly the purpose of this article. Here, we are going to put together as much information as we can gather, about the true nature of this brand.

The best way to find out if a particular watch brand is any good, is to take a look at the build quality, designs, and pricing of the brand to see if you are getting a good deal. Brands that have excellent quality, and amazing designs at a reasonable price tend to do well in the industry. So, that being said, how do Louis XVI watches measure up?

For that matter, what do we even know about this brand?

About Louis XVI Watches

With a name like Louis XVI, you would imagine that this is a brand known for the fine craftsmanship of its watches. The problem begins with the fact that not many are familiar with this brand. So, what is the truth behind Louis XVI watches?

According to the official site, the name was clearly inspired by the French monarch of the same name. The company wanted to produce watches that exude an elegance fit for royalty. They desire to create high quality timepieces with impeccable style. Have they been able to achieve this? Let’s take a look!

Louis XVI Watches Review

The first thing we are going to be looking at here is the build quality.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, things look pretty good here. Louis XVI manufactures analog quartz and mechanical automatic watches. These watches are made out of 316L Stainless steel. This is a higher quality than your standard stainless steel watches. The dial windows are made of sapphire crystal. Water resistance among their watches tends to be around 50 meters.

Swiss Made?

Now, a point of interest is that you will find that in the listings these watches are being listed as “Swiss made”. That is a bold claim in the watch industry. Swiss watches are held in the highest regard. There are even pretty stringent requirements for a watch to truly be labeled Swiss made.

If a watch really meets all of the requirements of a true, technically Swiss made watch, it could, and should have a label on the dial that states that it is Swiss made. Many of these watches do actually possess this label. So, unless these claims are false, we can assume that they do, indeed possess Swiss movements. In fact, many of their watches have the description of using 5030.D caliber Ronda movements.

Next, we’re going to look at the design and style of these watches.

Design & Style

They have several different luxury styles in their watches. There are chronographs, casual, minimalist, and even iced out designs. The quality luxury look is definitely there, so if that is what you are looking for, you will definitely find that here. There is elegance and sophistication, as well as a bit of flashiness among their different models. Now, let’s move onto the pricing.


Louis XVI watches are luxury Swiss made watches, so they are not going to be cheap for sure. The prices are in the mid range. While not anywhere near as expensive as some of the bigger Swiss brands, you are still going to end up spending a bit of money here. So, make sure you have room in your budget before you decide top purchase one of these watches.

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Now, if you are interested in buying one of their watches, here are a couple of recommendations!

Louis XVI Watches Review – Recommendations

LOUIS XVI Men’s Palais Royale

Design wise, this watch is pretty cool. This one is a chronograph that has a black dial, with diamond markers. Real diamonds are included here as well. the case and band are silver, with neat looking designs etched in. Also has a date window.

This is an analog watch made using Swiss quartz movement. The case and band are made of stainless steel, with the case being made of 316L stainless steel. The dial window is sapphire crystal. Water resistance is 50 meters.

Quick Look

  • Swiss quartz movement
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • date window
  • water resistant 50 meters

Louis XVI Men’s Watch Athos l’acier l’or Noir Carbone

This one is a beautiful gold colored chronograph styled watch. Has a black dial and includes a date window. overall a very stylish piece.

This watch has an analog display and a sapphire dial window. The case and band are stainless steel, with the case being made out of 316L stainless steel. Thie dial window is sapphire. Water resistance is 50 meters.

Quick Look

  • Swiss quartz movement
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • date window
  • water resistant 50 meters

Now finally, what can we conclude about this brand?

Louis XVI Watches Review – Final Conclusion

When you look at the overall designs and quality of these watches, they are a fairly solid choice when it comes to Swiss made watches. The designs are great, but nothing extraordinary. The build quality is pretty good as well. However, I do feel the prices are a bit high. Especially when compared to other entry level Swiss watch brands

That completes our Louis XVI watches review. I hope this article has been informative and helped to shed a little bit more light into one of the more obscure Swiss made watch brands out there.

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