Luxurman Watches: Iced Out Bust Downs!

In this article we will be doing a review of Luxurman watches. Now these watches belong to a category commonly referred to as iced out or bust down watches.

What this terminology refers to is watches that are encrusted with jewelry such as diamonds. These types of watches are popular among hip hop recording artists and the culture that they represent, as they are a symbol of wealth and prosperity

All that being said, these types of watches can get very expensive depending on the amount of diamonds on the watch. So where do Luxurman watches fit into all of this?

Well, Luxurman provides somewhat more affordable iced out watches. So are they worth it? That is exactly what we intend to find out! we are going to take a look at the overall quality, designs, and pricing of Luxurman watches to find out if these bust downs are worth a purchase!

Luxurman Watches Review

The first thing we are going to be taking a look at, is the overall build and quality of the materials used in these watches.

Build Quality

First off, Luxurman watches are analog and utilize Swiss quartz movement. The dial windows are made of mineral crystal. Now onto the cases.

The watch cases are typically made of stainless steel, but they can be gold plated, and contain diamonds. This is the real appeal of these watches. The amount of carats of gold or diamonds on any particular watch is going to vary from model to model. Also, rest assured, that these are real diamonds, as they are insured with signature tracking from the NYC Diamond District.

That being said, at these somewhat low prices, don’t expect the watches to be fully covered in diamonds, but at least there ae real diamonds on these watches.

Now the watch bands are going to be made of stainless steel. Lastly, there is not much in the way of water resistance to these watches. They are rated 30 meters of resistance, which basically protects it from light splashes of water, and not much more.

These watches are for show anyways, and not intended for use in aquatic or other harsh environments. Next, let’s look at the design and styling used in these watches.

Design & Style

This is the main crux of an iced out watch. The style. These watches have a glamorous flamboyant style befitting celebrity types. You may be familiar with the term “bling”. Well, these watches have that for sure!

These are eye catching pieces that could be considered more a work of art or a jewelry piece rather than a timepiece. But that is the entire purpose of these types of watches to begin with.

Wearing a Luxuurman watch will definitely attract attention and cause people to wonder about how high your social status is. It is definitely a conversation piece.

So all in all, if you like the in your face dazzling, attention grabbing look, then Luxerman watches have a lot to offer in that regard.

Finally, the last point to look at in these watches is the price.


Now I am sure you probably already know that watches featuring real gold plating and encrusted in real diamonds are not going to be cheap. However, the offerings from Luxurman may not be quite as expensive as you might think.

The prices range from mid to low-high, depending on the model, but never get outrageously expensive. These are not Johnny Dang watches! You are not going to have to spend the same amount you would spend on a car or a house to afford one of these watches.

That being said, depending on what model you get, they can still cost a pretty penny. But overall, if you browse through their collections and set a proper budget, you can probably find something that suits your needs at a reasonable price.

Now, if you are thinking about purchasing a Luxurman watch, we do have a couple of recommendations to get you started!

Luxurman Watches Review: Recommendations

Yellow Gold Tone LUXURMAN Mens Diamond Watch 0.25ct

There is something about the color of gold that really excites us. And that is exactly what makes this watch so appealing! This is an analog, chronograph styled watch that is powered by quartz movement.

The band is just gold colored stainless steel. The stainless steel case, however, is gold plated with 18k yellow gold. It has a whitish colored dial. This watch contains 0.25 carats of diamonds.

It is only rated for 30 meters of water resistance, which should protect it from small splashes of water. Other than that, keep it away from water and don’t wear it while swimming, bathing, or showering.

Additional features include a removable bezel, adjustable band, and luminous hands. This watch also features full chronograph functionality.

Quick Look

  • 18k gold plated case
  • dial encrusted with 0.25 carats of diamond
  • removable bezel
  • luminous hands
  • chronograph features
  • water resistant 30 meters

Large Mens Diamond Watch White MOP

This one definitely does justice to the term “iced out”. This is a quartz watch with an analog display. It has a silver stainless steel band.

The dial has an icy white mother of pearl appearance with diamonds on it, paired with a diamond encrusted bezel. The stainless-steel case features 0.12 carats of real genuine diamonds on the dial and bezel.

It is only water resistant 30 meters, so keep it away from water as much as possible. Also features a removable bezel.

Quick Look

  • mother of pearl iced out look
  • 0.12 carats of diamonds
  • removable bezel
  • water resistant 30 meters

So, in closing, what is our final verdict on Luxurman watches?

Final Conclusion: Are Luxurman Watches Any Good?

Luxurman offers somewhat affordable iced out watches for those of you who appreciate that kind of flashy and flamboyant style. Even if that is not your style, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of these watches.

These watches may not be fully covered in diamonds, but at least you get a cool looking watch that you can say does contain real diamonds.

Anyway, that’s it for our Luxurman watches review. If you liked this review, then check out our reviews of other watches and brands. You can find those here

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