Are Ferrari Watches Any Good?

We all know the appeal of luxury foreign sports cars. Lamborghini, and Bugatti are two notable supercar brands And then, of course, there’s Ferrari. On that note, this article is a Ferrari watches review.

It may surprise you that a franchise that focuses on cars would produce watches. But nevertheless, some car manufacturers do branch off into other areas, such as watches. As a matter of fact, we took a look at Maserati watches in a previous article.

So anyways, how would we know if Ferrari watches are actually worth a purchase? Well, we would need to look at 3 major factors that make or break any watch brand. These are: the build quality, the design, and the pricing of a brand.

Ideally, a brand needs to strike a fine balance between decent quality, nice designs, and affordable pricing. When these 3 factors align, you pretty much have the makings of a good watch brand. So that being said, how do Ferrari watches fare? Well, before we answer that question, we need to know what type of watches Ferrari watches are.

Are Ferrari Watches Luxury Watches?

Usually name brand watches like this will fall into the category of either luxury, or fashion watches, Ferrari watches are the latter. This brand most closely resembles a more fashion oriented brand, vs a luxury brand. This fact is reflected in the build quality, and the prices of these watches.

Now let’s get into the actual review of Ferrari watches! We will begin by looking at the overall build quality.

Ferrari Watches Review

Build Quality

Ferrari watches are quartz, some with analog displays, and others having digital displays. The watches themselves are actually manufactured by Movado and Hublot. The watch cases will either be made of stainless steel, or composite plastic. Dial windows on these watches will be mineral crystal.

The bands are commonly made of silicone, but you also have models with stainless steel, or rubber as well. Water resistance ranges from 30 to 50 meters, so these are definitely not designed for swimming or diving but should hold up just fine against small splashes or rain.

So overall, the build quality is pretty average, but as stated before, these are not luxury watches, but rather fashion watches. This type of build is actually good for a fashion watch.

Next, we’ll take a look at the design and style of these watches.

Design & Style

Ferrari watches really hit the mark when it comes to their overall design and styling. All of their watches have the signature Ferrari logo. Like the cars they are based off of, Ferrari watches definitely pull off the eye catching, sporty look.

Of course, they have chronograph watches, as that style is sports themed by default, but Ferrari adds their own flair to it with the flashy color combinations. Even their other analog watch styles and digital watches have this fast paced, racetrack inspired theme.

The bottom line on style, is that if you like a hyper sports type look, that is what Ferrari watches offer. This style may not appeal to everyone, but in my opinion, these watches do look quite good.

Now, we can take a look at the pricing.


When it comes to prices, Ferrari watches mostly stay in the affordable range. Prices range from low to mid tier on the general pricing spectrum.

It is easy to justify buying the lower priced models. Some of the more expensive ones, however, are a harder sell. More expensive models would be better suited for diehard fans of Ferrari. Either that, or if you just find the style really appealing. Other than that, I would stick with the more affordable models.

Any way you look at it though, regardless of whether you are looking at the less expensive or more expensive models, Ferrari watches are pretty affordable when compared to most luxury watch brands.

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Now on that note, if you are interested in purchasing a Ferrari watch, here are a couple of recommendations.

Ferrari Watches Review: Recommendations

Ferrari Men’s Red Rev Quartz

This is one of their more minimalist models. Nevertheless, the red and black combination produces a satisfying aesthetic. The entire watch is black, with red hands, markers and writing. Also, what may at first appear to be a red stripe going diagonal across the watch and band, is actually the Ferrari name printed across.

This is a quartz watch with an analog display. The case is made of plastic, and the band is silicone. The dial window is mineral crystal. This model is water resistant 50 meters which will protect it from rain, splashes, and maybe showering, but not recommended for swimming, scuba diving, or diving.

Great thing about this one is its affordability.

Quick Look

  • minimalist design
  • water resistant 50 meters
  • affordable

Ferrari Men’s 0830077 Race Day Chronograph

This one is chronograph styled. It definitely captures the racing aesthetic. The watch is black with red highlights on both the band and dial.

This is a quartz watch featuring an analog display. The case is stainless steel, and the band is silicone. Dial window is made from mineral crystal. It is water resistant 50 meters, which should protect it from splashes and possible showering. It shouldn’t be worn when swimming or diving though.

This watch does feature full chronograph functionality. The main downside here is the price, which is a bit on the expensive side.

Quick Look

  • chronograph functionality
  • water resistant 50 meters
    • a bit expensive

Now lastly, what is our final verdict on Ferrari watches?

Final Conclusion: Are Ferrari watches Any Good?

From what we have seen here, if you are a fan of Ferrari, or sports watches in general, then Ferrari watches have a lot to offer. Other than that, these watches are, for the most part, slightly above average, but nothing special really.

It’s the design and style that really stand out the most here. The prices are mostly reasonable although some models can get a bit expensive. However, they won’t cost you as much as high end or luxury watches.

And that concludes our Ferrari watches review. If you liked this, then you can check out some of our other reviews here

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