Maserati Watches Review: High End Sports Watches?

In our Maserati watches review, we’ll take a look at the sports watches that share the same name as the popular luxury car. It is not uncommon for luxury car makers, to attempt to expand into other markets. In fact, Porsche and Ferrari, also have their own brand name watches.

Maserati is the Italian brand that manufactures high end luxury vehicles. They are highly renown in the world of car enthusiasts. Their cars also carry a hefty price tag. What about their watches though? Does this mean that their watches, will also be finely tuned, and very expensive? Are they even any good? Let’s find out, shall we!

As with any watch brand, the best way to examine the overall value of their watches, is to look at the build quality, design, and pricing of the watches in question. If all these factors sync up well, then you have a good brand. If not, then well, maybe the brand is not so good…..

So how do Maserati watches fare? We are going to look closely at that. It will be interesting to see how a brand known best for manufacturing cars, does on their watches.

Maserati Watches Review

Now we’ll get into the nitty gritty of these Italian born watches, starting with the build.

Build Quality

You would think that with the weight of the name attached to this brand, it would have a high end build, right? It certainly gives us high expectations at least. Well, let’s see here.

Maserati watches have analog displays, and utilize either quartz, or automatic movement depending on the style. The cases are made of stainless steel, and the dial windows are either mineral crystal, or sapphire crystal. The bands are usually either stainless steel or leather. Depending on which watch you get, they can be water resistant between 50 to 100 meters.

So for the most part, the build quality is average to above average depending on the model. Aside from the gold plated models, what we find here is typical of some of the Chinese watch brands we’ve covered.

This is not a bad thing on its own, but there is an expectation of greater quality when it come to Maserati watches. I suppose I expected them to be true luxury watches. At least at this level, the prices shouldn’t be exorbitant.


Next, we’ll take a look at the styles. Maserati boasts 4 distinct styles in their watches. They have the lifestyle, sport, design, and classic lines. All of them look rather sporty though. And truth be told, I really can’t tell the difference between some of these lines of watches, because they look so similar. They all have the signature Maserati logo on them as well.

Overall though, the designs are not bad. They definitely have some nice looking pieces. However, in my opinion, the designs are lacking in personality. They seem to be a little too generic. Once again, you might expect Maserati watches to bring a more unique flair, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Next, let’s see if these watches are competitively priced.


Maserati watches prices vary. Some of their watches are in that mid level of inexpensive, like some of the Chinese luxury styled watches, which is pretty fair pricing I would say. However, Maserati does have watches that start to get into the expensive range. At those prices they start to creep into the entry level luxury watch prices.

It is at that point, the actual value of the watch starts to become questionable. Some of the more expensive Maserati watches seem a bit overpriced in my opinion. It would seem that they are relying more on the brand name to carry the weight of the prices in those instances.

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Now if you do want to purchase one of these watches, and want some recommendations, here are a couple of them definitely worth looking at.

Maserati Watches Review: Recommendations


This is a Maserati chronograph styled watch. It has a dark navy blue dial with gold colored hands and markers. It also has the gold accents on the band as well. This watch has an analog display, features quartz movement, and has a date window. Both the case and band are made of stainless steel.

The dial window is mineral crystal. It is water resistant 50 meters, so it can get wet and be fine, just don’t fully submerge it in water. This watch is pretty stylish overall.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • mineral crystal window
  • chronograph style
  • date window
  • water resistant 50 meters

MASERATI Men’s Potenza

This is another stylish watch by Maserati. This one has a skeleton watch face that allows you to view the inner working mechanisms within. This watch has an analog display and uses automatic movement. The dial window is mineral crystal.

Its case is made of stainless steel, while the band is leather. It is water resistant 100 meters, so you can take it with you swimming and snorkeling, but not diving.

Quick Look

  • automatic movement
  • mineral crystal dial window
  • skeleton dial
  • water resistant 100 meters

Final Thoughts

So it’s time for me to give my final verdict on Maserati watches. It turns out that they make pretty decent watches. They are not luxury watches by any means if that’s what you were expecting (I know I was!). The pricing is not too expensive, but they are a bit overpriced for what you get. While it does have some good looking watches, most of the designs are pretty generic.

If you really are a fan of Maserati and just want to rep their gear, then these watches would be a good option to look into. Other than that, there is just not quite enough going on here to keep me interested.

And that is it for our Maserati watches review! If you enjoyed this review, then you can find more of our watch and watch brand reviews here

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