Daniel Wellington Vs Fossil: Two Fashion Brands Collide!

Today we will be comparing the two fashion watch brands Daniel Wellington, Vs Fossil. Both of these brands share in common the fact that they are fashion watch brands. People who take an interest in fashion watches, or watches in general may be familiar with either of these two brands.

Fashion watches are different from luxury watches. While both of these watch types do focus on exquisite designs, there are some major differences. The biggest one is quality. While luxury watches focus on overall design and quality, fashion watches focus purely on aesthetics over quality.

This is why fashion watches tend to be much less expensive than luxury watches. Still, this doesn’t mean that all fashion watches will be of a terrible quality. However, brand name popularity is largely responsible for prices among fashion watch brands.

In any event, we are going to be comparing Daniel Wellington and Fossil brands by looking at the build quality, design, and pricing between the two. First off, however, we need to get a feel for each of these brands, and what they represent.

About The Brands

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a relatively new brand, having been founded in 2011. Sweden is the country of origin for this brand.

The word that best describes Daniel Wellington is “progressive”. Their watches are more geared towards younger audiences.

Despite having not been around for as long as many other watch brands, Daniel Wellington had already gained worldwide appeal through the use social media.


Fossil is an American brand. This company has been in play since the early 1980’s. When they first came on the scene, they impressed people with their vintage 1930’s styled box art and themes. This particular style caught on and allowed them to gain some notoriety.

Fossil’s approach has always been to produce fashionable watches at affordable prices. As such, you can expect them to keep up with and even lead the current trends as far as watches go.

Now that we know a bit about the brands, let’s start comparing their watches! We’ll start with the build quality.

Daniel Wellington Vs Fossil: Build Quality

daniel wellington vs fossil build

Like we mentioned earlier, fashion watches are not going to be made with the same quality and precision as a luxury watch. However, let’s see which brand makes the better builds!

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington produces quartz watches with analog displays. They have stainless steel cases, however, they are made of 316L stainless steel, which is of a higher grade than standard stainless steel.

Additionally, many Daniel Wellington watches feature actual real gold plating. Also, the leather bands featured on these watches are made from real leather.

Other than that, the dial windows will be made of mineral crystal. And the water resistance is 3ATM, meaning they are resistant to splashes, but shouldn’t be worn in excessively wet conditions.


Fossil manufactures quartz, automatic, and even smartwatches. Their watch cases are made of out of stainless steel. Dial windows are made of mineral crystal.

Water resistance on Fossil watches averages about 30 meters. Same as 3ATM. This is good for splash resistance, but shouldn’t be worn swimming, showering, or diving.

Overall, nothing out of the ordinary is present in Fossil builds. The build is average, but pretty decent for a fashion watch.

Verdict On Build Quality

It’s fairly obvious that Daniel Wellington watches have the better build quality. Their builds are quite good when compared to your average fashion watch.

Next, let’s take a look at the design and styling of these two brands.

Daniel Wellington Vs Fossil: Design & Style

daniel wellington vs fossil design

This is the most important aspect of a fashion watch. The whole point of these types of watches is to be stylish. So which brand does it better?

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington watches take a more minimalistic approach to fashion. They create mostly linear and simplistic designs.

While there is not too much flash to these watches, the designs ooze sophistication and elegance. These watches would be great for formal and business attire.


Fossil has its own unique approach to fashion. They have a myriad of different styles among their watch types. It is not hard to find something that looks good when browsing through their extensive library of watches.

Add to that the fact that they have even won awards for their styling, and it is easy to see that Fossil definitely does fashion right!

Verdict On Design & Style

While Daniel Wellington watches are aesthetically pleasing, they are pretty much one note. They make simplistic minimalist designs and that’s it really. Fossil has a more varied approach to style, featuring many different types of watches and designs.

Now, the last thing we need to compare is the pricing differences between these two brands’ watches.

Daniel Wellington Vs Fossil: Pricing

Daniel wellington vs fossil price

Fashion watches are notably less expensive than luxury watches, and that remains the case when it comes to these brands.

That being said, Daniel Wellington watches are noticeably more expensive, on average, than Fossil watches. While you can find many Fossil watches on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, Daniel Wellington watches are more of a mid priced purchase.

This makes sense, considering that Daniel Wellington watches have a more premium build than Fossil watches.

That is all well and good, however, if you were looking for a stylish watch at a lower price, then Fossil would be the brand best suited for the task.

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So then now, what is our final conclusion on which of these two fashion brands is better?

Daniel Wellington Vs Fossil: Final Conclusion

After examining these three factors, we can come to a conclusion. When we examine all these factors, Fossil comes out ahead. They have more variety of styles and at lower prices, on average, than Daniel Wellington.

Now that’s not to say there’s no place for Daniel Wellington watches. In fact, if you like the minimalist look, and finer quality fashion watches, then Daniel Wellington provides just that.

And that concludes today’s comparison. If you liked this matchup, you can find similar comparisons here.

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