Mido Vs Hamilton – Swiss Made Vs Made Swiss!

In this article we are going to be exploring the two Swiss brands Mido vs Hamilton. This will be an interesting comparison because as we know, Swiss brands are revered for their focus on quality and precision timepieces.

But one brand must be better than the other, right? The answer to which one is better can be a highly subjective one, depending on who you ask. However, there are certain factors we can look at to determine a brand’s true worth.

These would be the overall build quality, design, and pricing of a brand. Typically brands that strike a good balance between quality, style, and price tend to be winners in the eyes of consumers. Therefore, these are the 3 factors we will compare here today.

Before we begin the comparison though, let us get more acquainted with these two brands by delving a little bit more into their backgrounds.

About Mido and Hamilton


Mido was founded in 1918, and originally began as a more fashion focused brand. At the time of their inception, they were mostly manufacturing women’s watches. The men’s watches were made in the popular art deco style.

Unlike many of the fashion watches of today however, Mido’s watches were made to much higher quality standards. They even partnered with several automobile makers to produce watches with a style that resembled car radiator grills. They collaborated with well known brands such as Ford, Buick, and even Bugatti.

Mido also left its mark on the industry in other ways. For instance, in 1914 they developed what came to be known as “unbreakable mainsprings” for their mechanical watches. These mainsprings made their watches much more durable and impact resistant. Additionally, in 1954, Mido produced some of the most efficient winding mechanisms for mechanical watches that had ever been seen.


Hamilton was founded in 1892. The interesting thing about this brand, is that although it is now known as a Swiss brand, it was originally an American brand. It wasn’t until 1966 that they began incorporating Swiss movements into their watches. Shortly after that, by 1969, Hamilton had completely transferred all manufacturing of their watches to Switzerland, thus becoming a true Swiss brand.

When World War 2 broke out, Hamilton suspended production of consumer watches in favor of watches made for military use. It was at this time that their marine chronometer watches started to become extremely popular. After the war, they went back to producing consumer watches.

Hamilton also made their own impact on the industry. For one, they improved the function of automatic watches by way of their “micro rotor”. This was a smaller, more compact rotor used to power the watch. Also, in 1957, Hamilton put the world’s first electric watches into the market with their Ventura watch.

Now that we’ve learned a little bit more about these brands and their contributions to the industry, we can now start to directly compare their watches. To start with, we’ll look at the differences in build quality between the two.

Mido Vs Hamilton: Build Quality

mido vs hamilton build


They produce quartz watches, as well as automatic mechanical watches. The movements used are in house movements based off ETA architecture.

The watch cases will be made of stainless steel for the most part, however there are also models that feature gold plated and titanium cases. Dial windows are sapphire crystal. Water resistance among watch models ranges from 30 to 100 meters on average.


Hamilton also produces quartz, and automatic mechanical watches, as well as digital watches. The movements used are ETA movements.

Their watch cases are stainless steel, with sapphire dial windows. Water resistance in Hamilton watches will also be in the 30 to 100 meters range.

Verdict on Build Quality

Both Mido and Hamilton are quite similar in their builds. Ultimately though, Mido comes out ahead. Mido takes a slightly more premium approach to some of their builds. Next, we’ll take a look at the design and style differences between these brands.

Mido Vs Hamilton: Design & Style

mido vs hamilton design


The designs of Mido stick to the conventional Swiss luxury templates. They have the chronographs, diving watches, casual, sports, and minimalist styles you are probably familiar with.

Despite taking the more traditional approach to style, Mido still manages to maintain its own identity. When you look at their styles, you should be able to distinguish them from other similar brands.


Hamilton does also have many traditional styles. However, they are particularly known for their field watches as well as pilot style watches.

And let’s not forget the unforgettable design of their Ventura watch. If you recall, this was the style of their first electric watches. This unique triangular case style from Hamilton is still popular today.

Verdict on Design & Style

When it comes to design and style, Hamilton has the edge. The last thing we’ll compare between these brands is the pricing.

Mido Vs Hamilton: Pricing

mido vs hamilton price

Prices are going to vary between the various different models offered by each brand. The good news is that neither of these brands will be nearly as expensive as some of the higher end Swiss watch brands.

Some will be priced in the mid entry level price ranges, while others will skew more towards a higher price point. Overall, though, if you are looking for the most affordable watches, Mido, has many more affordable options on average than Hamilton.

Check Mido Watch Prices on Amazon

Check Hamilton Watch Prices on Amazon

Now, wrapping things up, which brand can we honestly say is better?

Final Conclusion

So, which brand is better? From what we have seen here today, it looks like Mido has slightly more premium builds in some cases and has more affordable choices when it comes to purchase options. However, when it comes to design and style, you may find that Hamilton excels in that area.

Ultimately though, the determining factor will be which brand really speaks to you the most. Choosing the right brand can often be difficult. hopefully, this article can serve as a guide to better help you make that choice.

Anyway, that concludes today’s comparison. If you enjoyed it, then don’t hesitate to check out some of our other similar comparisons. Those can be found here

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