Motast Smartwatch Review: A Good Cheap Smartwatch?

In this article, we will be looking at the Motast smartwatch. This is one of those seemingly random smartwatches that has popped up out of the blue on the online marketplaces. There are plenty of these types of smartwatches out there. A whole lot of them, in fact.

In the current technological age, smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular. We all know of the big name brands. However, those name brand smartwatches can be notoriously expensive. This has opened up the market for competition with a lot of Chinese brands coming out with cheaper smartwatches that posses advanced features.

The thing about all of these random smartwatches is that they tend to be hit or miss in terms of quality and functionality. Some of them are amazing devices for the price, while others…..not so much. So the goal here is to separate the quality budget smartwatches from the junk ones.

The Motast smartwatch has garnered mostly positive reviews. Seeing this, I took it upon myself to investigate further. The purpose of this article is to see if this smartwatch would be a worthwhile purchase. We will take a closer look at this smartwatch in terms of design, functionality, and features.

Motast Smartwatch Review

The first thing we’ll do is take a brief look at the specs on this watch, then from there, we can get more in depth in the review.


  • Compatibility: compatible with Android operating systems of 5.0 and up, or IOS of 9.0 and up
  • Screen Type: screen is LCD
  • Screen Size: 1.69 inches
  • Connectivity: has both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • GPS: built in GPS
  • Battery Life: from a single charge, up to 7 days, or 30 days on standby
  • Water Resistance: IP67 


Looking at the design, you will find that it has a simple, sleek appearance. The case itself is square, and it is paired with a thin band. This type of look is quite common in the smartwatches that you tend to see on the online marketplaces. The design definitely gets its inspiration from the Apple smartwatch.

One thing that Apple did right with their smartwatches was to give it this very contemporary low-profile design. For the Motast smartwatch, having this type of design style appeals to people on a couple of different levels. On the one hand, it does resemble the more expensive smartwatch. Simply having the same look as a more expensive smartwatch is going to capture people’s attention.

Then second, just like with the Apple watch, I think that subconsciously people marvel at the fact that such a slim and small device can be filled with so much technology and features. So in this way, the design is a great selling point for the Motast smartwatch.


motast smartwatch features

Basic Features

As far as features go, there’s actually a whole lot going on here. For one, you can easily adjust the screen brightness to suit your needs. There is also a sedentary reminder that will vibrate if you’ve been sitting in one spot for to long. Additionally, you can set a reminder to help you to remember to drink water.

Then of course it has the basics like an alarm, stopwatch, and message notifications from your smartphone. But it has many other features, some of which you don’t see too often in budget smartwatches.

Fitness Tracking Features

The Motast smartwatch can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. Though blood pressure readings from a smartwatch will not be as accurate as a medically certified device. It also has a built in pedometer that will measure the distance you travel, as well as calories burned during your running and walking routines.

Next, like any good fitness tracker, it has multiple sports modes. This one has 8, to be exact. It can track swimming, jumping rope, walking, running, cycling, football, basketball, and even badminton. Additionally, there is a guided breathing mode that also utilizes the heart monitor to allow you to reach peak relaxation levels.

Additional Features

The Motast has a camera control feature. When synced with your phone, it has a remote photography mode where you can control your phone’s camera using the smartwatch. This would be a very convenient feature for those of you who are into photos, as it will make taking certain pictures less of a hassle.

It also has a female health tracking feature. With this feature, you can set dates and reminders for your menstruation and ovulation cycles.


motast smartwatch pricing

When you take into account everything that this smartwatch is capable of, it comes in at a very reasonable price for a smartwatch. It is fairly inexpensive. It is only a fraction of the price of some of your more notable brand name smartwatch models.

As cheap as this one is, you can find smartwatches even cheaper than this one if you look around online. However, the cheaper you go with a smartwatch, the less features and compatibility they have, and the greater the risk of just simply coming across an all around low quality product.

I think the Motast smartwatch is pretty fairly and competitively priced. This is one of the reasons it has found some success. By providing a decent quality product at a more than affordable price.

Final Conclusion

So what kind of conclusion can be drawn from looking at all of the information about this smartwatch? Well, it may not have all of the bells and whistles of the more expensive name brand smartwatches, but if you look at the difference in cost, you will find that the Motast smartwatch is more than acceptable for what it does do.

When you look at all of the capabilities in this watch, and the price you are paying for it, it really makes you wonder why other smartwatches can be literally hundreds of dollars more than this. All in all, the Motast smartwatch is a pretty good product.

Just manage your expectations with this one. keep in mind that this is a cheap smartwatch. It is not going to be the best smartwatch in the world, but for what it does, and what its worth, it is well worth a purchase.

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  1. Thank you for your review. I have one but the charger is not working. Can you tell me what/where I can get a charger to replace the one I have. I have a Motast Hero Band III Color Screen Fitness Tracker, P22D-V1.0 Thanks, Larry


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