Tagobee Smartwatch Review: Great For The Price?

In this review, we will be taking a look at the Tagobee Smartwatch. This is a smartwatch that showed up on the online marketspace. Smartwatches are in huge demand right now, which has led to extreme competition from companies to produce inexpensive smartwatches with a myriad of features.

This is because companies know that people want more for less. So the idea of getting a smartwatch packed with features at a fraction of the price of a big name brand is going to appeal to consumers. This is where the Tagobee smartwatch comes in.

Trouble is, not every one of these low budget smartwatches meets expectations. Some of them do but others do not. The good news is, that for a smartwatch that’s been out for a little while, you can usually tell from the reviews whether or not it is a good one. t=The Tagobee has gotten mostly favorable reviews.

But does this watch live up to consumer expectations and provide a large number of modern features at this low price? Well that is what we are here to find out! We are going to be looking at the design, functionality, and features of this watch. After that, we should be able to conclude whether or not this is a good smartwatch for the price!

Tagobee Smartwatch Review

First off, let’s take a look at the general specs of this watch. After that, we can then get into the meaty details of this smartwatch.


  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up, or IOS 8.0 and up
  • Screen Size: 1.3 inches
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • GPS: not built in. needs to be paired with smartphone
  • Battery Life: up to 10 days, or 30 days on standby
  • Water Resistance: IP67


First, let’s take a quick look at the design. The Tagobee smartwatch opts for a more traditional looking design. Rather than adopting the more contemporary looking designs similar to Apple’s popular smartwatch, this one goes for a standard watch style. The style here is reminiscent of the styles you would find on some of the Garmin smartwatches.

This rounded appearance gives it the look of a traditional watch. This look is good for people who prefer this style to the more rectangular one that has become so popular recently. It’s also cool to have a watch that at first glance, may not even look like a smartwatch at all.

Also the display on the watch face can be changed, as there are over 40 different themes available. You even have the ability to upload your own pictures for a fully customized experience.

I think people who like to collect mechanical and quartz watches can appreciate a smartwatch that looks more similar to the watches they are probably used to seeing, while at the same time being chock full of modern technology and features.

And speaking of those features, that is the next thing we are going to be looking at here!


tagobee smartwatch features

Basic Features

The Tagobee smartwatch has many of the basic features that you would expect to see in the average smartwatch. You get message, app, and call notifications when synced with your smartphone. It has a timer function, and also the ability to set alarms. Additionally, it has a sedentary reminder that will alert you when you’ve been in one spot for too long.

Vitals Monitoring

The Tagobee can monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It also measure blood pressure as well. Paired with the Gloryfit app, you can use this data to keep track of your heart rate and blood pressure. Although, note that a blood pressure reading from a smartwatch will not be as accurate as a medical grade device.

The Tagobee smartwatch also monitors sleep. It automatically detects when you sleep, and can track the different stages of sleep. You can then review that data on the app to get an idea of what quality of sleep you are getting.

Fitness Tracking

The built in pedometer can be used to track the distance you travel in steps taken. It can also calculate how many calories you have burned during your activities.

In terms of sports tracking, the Tagobee smartwatch can track a whopping 24 different sports activities! These include, but are not limited to baseball, basketball, jump rope, jumping jacks, running, walking, tennis, yoga, ping pong, and more. Pretty much most sports activities that you could engage in will be covered here.

Additional Features

So long as your phone and smartwatch are synced, you will have access to all of these features, including weather reports. Relevant weather information will be automatically updated so that you can easily check it on the Tagobee.

Lastly, it has a remote camera control feature. This is a great way to take pictures as it allows you to access your smartphone’s camera from the Tagobee smartwatch. Keep in mind, you are still taking pictures with your phone, it is just being controlled from the smartwatch.


tagobee smartwatch pricing

The last thing we are looking at here is the pricing of this watch. It falls into the lower price point when it comes to smartwatches. You can find even cheaper smartwatches, but their features and such will usually be more limited.

As with the Motast smartwatch we previously reviewed, this price is the fine line between quality and functionality. For the most part, this is about the lowest price you can get a smartwatch and still have some pretty incredible features.

Final Thoughts

What I get out of all of this is that the Tagobee smartwatch has a lot of really cool features and options at an incredibly low price. I would say that it is worth a purchase. Just don’t go into it thinking you’re getting a Garmin or an Apple smartwatch. Take it for what it is, and at face value, it is a decent` smartwatch for a good price.

That wraps up our review of the Tagobee smartwatch. For more on smartwatches, you can check out some of our other smartwatch articles here

Thanks for reading! I hope this article has been helpful and informative!

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