Omega Vs Tissot: Two Peas In A Pod

In this article, we will be covering various aspects of Omega Vs Tissot watches. These are both well known Swiss watch brands. Both companies are subsidiaries of the Swatch Group. The main difference between these two brands, however, is that one is an expensive Swiss luxury brand, while the other is a budget, or “entry level” Swiss luxury brand.

Is the more expensive brand always going to be the “better” brand? This is definitely not always the case with many watches and watch brands. In the world of Swiss watches, however, usually the more expensive brand will possess an overall superior level of quality when compared to the less expensive brands.

Nevertheless, we will be comparing Omega Vs Tissot watches. In this case, Omega is the higher end Swiss brand, while Tissot is the entry level one. What we are going to be looking at and comparing between these two watch brands is the overall build quality, design, and pricing. First though, a quick introduction to these brands.

About Omega And Tissot


Omega was first established in 1848 by a man named Louis Brandt. At that time the company was called La Generale Watch Co., and their focus was on pocket watches. By 1894, his 2 sons had perfected a very efficient means of manufacturing and started producing watches as well under the Omega brand name. Due to the success of this brand the company officially changed their name to Omega in 1903.

Omega has brought some amazing innovation into the watch industry. They were responsible for the world’s first tourbillon watch. Not only that, but they also developed the master chronometer certification standard.

The master chronometer certification is granted to watches that pass a series of tests that measure their quality, accuracy, and durability. Not all Omega watches are put through this test though.


Tissot was founded in 1853 as a small family owned business. They didn’t really start to gain popularity, however, until the 1920’s and 30’s. From there, Tissot has grown to be well known for bringing affordability into the Swiss luxury watch market.

Over the years, Tissot has been an innovative force within the industry. Examples of this include the introduction of the first anti-magnetic watch, as well as the first multi-functional tactile watch. In addition to innovation, Tissot has also gained public notoriety.

They have been featured in several sports championship events as the official time keeper. Such events include hockey, cycling, and even fencing.

Now that we’ve covered the introductions, we can start to get into the direct comparisons between these brands’ watches. We will start with the build quality.

Omega Vs Tissot: Build Quality

omega vs tissot build


Both mechanical and quartz analog watches are produced by Omega. Their watches will typically have stainless steel cases. The dial windows on Omega watches are going to be made of sapphire crystal, which is a more premium choice as compared to the typical mineral glass windows used by most watches.

The bands are usually either stainless steel, or leather, but can also come in nylon, rubber, or fabric. Water resistance among their watches ranges from 30 all the way up to 600 meters, such as in their Seamaster series.

Also, keep in mind that many Omega watches also pass their master chronometer certification test that we mentioned earlier.


Tissot is a manufacturer of automatic and mechanical watches, as well as quartz and digital watches. As with most watches, Tissot has cases made of stainless steel. The bands for their watches can be made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, and leather, to nylon or rubber.

Tissot’s dial windows will be also be made of sapphire crystal. Lastly, the water resistance among Tissot models can range from 30 to 100 meters.

Build Quality Verdict

All things considered, it is clear that Omega has the advantage when it comes to build quality. They hold their watches to greater and more rigorous standards than Tissot.

Now, we’ll move on to the styling of these brands’ watches.

Omega Vs Tissot: Design & Style

omega vs tissot style


As expected, Omega has all of the usual design choices normally seen in luxury watches. They have sports styles, chronographs, diving watches, casual, and business. These are definitely some amazing looking watches.

When looking at Omega watches there is no doubt about their quality. Even while sticking to conventional designs for the most part, Omega still maintains a pretty high degree of variety in their designs across the board.


Like Omega, Tissot has the same kinds of designs you expect to see in luxury watches. Their library contains sports, minimalist, chronograph, casual, business, and diving styles as well.

Even though Tissot is a cheaper Swiss brand, that does not take away from the quality presented here. Their watches have the same quality look as any more premium brand.

Verdict On Design & Style

While both of these brands understandably have a premium look, Omega takes the lead here with their amazing design quality and slightly more varied library of options.

Now finally, let’s take a look at the pricing of these two brands.

Omega Vs Tissot: Pricing

omega vs tissot pricing

As far as pricing goes, it is going to be obvious that Omega watches will be much more expensive than Tissot watches.

Omega, being a higher end Swiss luxury brand is going to be priced on the high end of the pricing spectrum. This creates a barrier to entry when it comes to purchasing an Omega watch. For the average consumer, these watches are prohibitively expensive.

Tissot’s prices are far more welcoming, however. While they are not exactly cheap, when compared to Omega’s prices they are much more flexible. As a more entry level Swiss brand, Tissot has mid tier pricing, which makes them far more affordable, and therefore appealing to consumers.

Check Omega Prices On Amazon

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Final Conclusion

So the results are in. It is clear from our comparison that Omega takes the win overall. This is not surprising considering that they are a premium Swiss luxury brand. Don’t think that there is no place for Tissot though!

Tissot watches are far more reasonably priced and therefore much more accessible to the general public. So if you are looking for a Swiss luxury watch that you can afford, Tissot would be the brand too focus on.

That concludes our Omega Vs Tissot comparisons. If you found this article interesting, then we have plenty of other comparison articles you can check out here

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