What Is A Luxury Watch Really? The Truth Revealed!

In this article we will delve into the details of what a luxury watch actually is. Luxury watches have been around for about as long as watches have been around. They can be a symbol of status, prestige, and financial stability. But what is a luxury watch anyway?

When someone talks about “luxury” watches, what exactly are they talking about? How would a person define a luxury watch? Well, let’s start with the most basic definition possible.

A luxury watch is a watch that is made with special care and attention, usually possessing high quality movements, and made from high grade materials. Swiss watches, in particular, have become renown as having the highest quality craftsmanship among luxury watches.

So that would be the simple definition of what a luxury watch is. There are still plenty of questions though. Like what about price, brand, names, materials used, etc? Throughout this article, we will answer these questions and more as we get deeper into the topic of luxury watches.

The first thing we’ll get into on this topic though, is more about the qualities of a luxury watch.

What Defines A Luxury Watch? Qualities Of A Luxury Watch

luxury watch defined

Now we already stated that luxury watches are watches that are made with special care and attention. But what all does that entail? It mainly comes down to the materials used to make the watch, and the precision and quality of the movement that powers the watch.


When it comes to luxury watches, it should come as no surprise that many times they are made of higher quality materials than typical watches.

Starting with the cases, they can be made from higher quality stainless steel than the stainless steel found in regular watches. Rolex, for example, has watch cases made of 904l stainless steel, which is stronger and more corrosion resistant than ordinary stainless steel.

Luxury watches can also be made of exotic materials such as platinum or gold. They can also be gold plated, or encrusted or include diamonds, rubies, and other precious gems.

And lastly, the dial windows are going to be made of sapphire crystal at the least. Most watches use mineral crystal in their dial windows. Sapphire is higher quality and more scratch resistant than mineral.


A watch’s movement is the mechanism by which a watch works. You have watches that use quartz movement, or mechanical movement. Quartz movements are battery powered, while mechanical movements require a winding of some sort. In the case of watches with automatic, or self-winding movement, the mechanism is wound by the natural swinging of a person’s arm.

While luxury watches can use quartz movements, it is far more common for them to have mechanical movements, especially automatic. And the movements used in luxury watches are not going to be the same pre-packaged movements found in less expensive watches.

Luxury watches will have movements that are more intricate and precise. This will allow them to have greater accuracy, and potentially last for a very long time.

And it is these very qualities that factor into what makes a luxury watch so expensive.

What Makes A Luxury Watch So Expensive?

why are luxury watches so expensive

High grade materials and movements used in luxury watches are not cheap! We already talked about the use of gold, platinum, and high grade stainless steel. Additionally, quality watch movements are more expensive to produce. When you consider these factors, it starts to become apparent why these watches can be so incredibly expensive.

Brand name is another factor that can influence the price of a watch. Some brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philipe have long and storied histories within the industry. Over many years through both marketing and creating quality products, such brands have been able to position themselves as the best of the best in the industry. And at that level, they can command the highest tier of pricing.

Knowing that these types of watches can be so expensive, you may be wondering what’s the point of a luxury watch?

What Is The Point Of A Luxury Watch?

what is the point of a luxury watch

The point of a luxury watch is to have an example of the highest form of craftsmanship in a watch. As with any man made items such as cars, houses, shoes, etc., there will always be high end versions of those items. The high end versions tend to be crafted to the highest quality standards.

That being said, different people have different reasons for buying luxury watches. For some, it’s for an appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes into one. Others may use it as a status symbol to demonstrate wealth and power.

So if you do decide to wear a luxury watch, what does that say about you?

What Does A Luxury Watch Say About You?

what does a luxury watch say about you

A luxury watch can say different things about you depending on how you wear one. For example, if you are wearing a luxury watch along with other expensive items such as designer clothing and jewelry, then it will be seen as a symbol of money and status more than anything.

If, however, you dress more modestly and wear a luxury watch, then you may come off more as a person who has an appreciation for quality watches.

So all in all, what a luxury watch says about you is going to be based on your overall representation of yourself.

Now we can finally get to the question of whether or not it’s worth buying a luxury watch.

Is It Worth buying A Luxury Watch?

The answer to this question is going to depend partly on your financial situation, and partly on your priorities.

If you are wanting a watch that you absolutely cannot afford, and buying it will cause you to miss important payments or purchases, then obviously, it’s not worth it to buy a luxury watch. On the other hand, if you have an excess of money and desire a luxury watch, it would definitely be worth it.

Lastly, there is the option of slowly saving up money until a time when you can make that purchase. If you want it badly enough, then it will be worth it when you finally are able to afford it.

Not all luxury watches are priced in the highest price ranges. There are actually entry level luxury watches that have style and substance, but at much more affordable prices. We can actually point you in the direction of some of these “starter” luxury watches.

What Is A Good Starter Luxury Watch?

A good starter luxury watch will be both affordable, and made of quality materials. Certina and Tissot, are a couple of notable Swiss brands that achieve this. Each brand has their particular strengths. Both brands are priced pretty similarly.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, luxury watches are beautiful and amazing timepieces. Just about every watch collector or enthusiast owns at least one. Whether for appreciation of quality or symbol of status, these types of watches will always be valuable in the public eye.

That’s it for our look into luxury watches. If you enjoyed this article, we have plenty of other interesting articles about watches. Feel free to check them out here

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