Orient F6922 “Ray II” Quick Review

The Orient F6922 is a poplar luxury diver’s watch. It’s popularity is due in part to its affordability. The Orient Ray II is one of the more affordable luxury dive watches on the market. In today’s review we will be going over Its specs, design, and features to determine if this watch is a suitable contender in the luxury dive watch market.

Orient F6922 Specs

The Orient Ray II uses Japanese automatic, hand winding, hacking movement. The display type is an analog display with a dial window made of mineral crystal. The bezel is a 120 click. Both the case and band are made of silver stainless steel. The case has a diameter of 41 millimeters and is 13 millimeters thick. Its band has a width of 22 millimeters and is secured with a fold over clasp. The total weight of this watch comes in at 6 ounces.

Orient F6922 Design

The overall design is reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner. This watch could definitely make for a much cheaper Rolex Submariner alternative! It features the starburst dial background, with simple white dot markings. The Orient Logo is conveniently located at the top 12 o’clock position. The date window also sits neatly on the right at the 3 o’clock position.

As far as dial color, the Orient Ray II also comes in black, but I always feel like blue is an appropriate color when dealing with diving watches. In my opinion, the blue gives it a more aquatic feel. I also feel that blue better contrasts with silver. But the black is by no means a bad choice either, I am just more biased towards a blue dial. Both the minute and hour hands are pointed with a knife-like shape to them, while the second hand is arrow shaped with a red tip. So looking at the blue dial, the bezel will be a much darker shade than the dial itself. The crown of the watch itself contains an engraving of the Orient crest. On the backside of the watch case, you will find the Orient logo, as well as an engraving of 2 dolphins.


First off, the Orient F6922 “Ray II” is a dive watch, so it has a water resistance rating of up to depth of 660 feet. The white dot markers, minute and hour hands are luminous, while on the second hand, only the pointed tip is luminous. This luminosity is a great feature to have when it is dark. The bezel itself is unidirectional rotating. Some users have complained that it is a bit difficult to rotate the bezel though.

In order to adjust the date, you would pull the crown out once, and rotate it counter-clockwise. For the day, the crown would be rotated clockwise. Pulling the crown out even further, will allow you to set the time by rotating it either clockwise, or counter-clockwise. Once again, some users have complained that the crown is a bit difficult to turn as well. Another great feature of this watch is that it does have a 40 hour power reserve, which will help it to keep an accurate time when not in use.

Quick Look

  • luxury style
  • water resistant up to a depth of 660 feet
  • luminous hands and markings
  • unidirectional, rotating bezel
  • 40 hour power reserve
    • some users have complained that the bezel is difficult to rotate
    • some users have complained that the crown is difficult to rotate


Based on what I have seen from the Ray II, I would have to say that it is definitely a good dive watch to purchase. Having a luxury look to it while being relatively inexpensive makes it a safe purchase for sure. If you are looking for a good dive watch and are not trying to spend a whole lot of money, I see no reason not to get this. If you liked this review, then you can check out some of our other reviews here.

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