Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Review: Quick Look

Today we will be taking a look at a popular watch by Invicta. Invicta is known for making affordable quality diving watches. The one in particular that we are reviewing today is the 8932 Pro Diver. We will be taking a brief look a its specs, design, and features. This is our Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Review!


The Invicta 8932 Pro Diver uses Seiko’s Caliber 4R35 movement, and features an analog display. It’s dial window is made from protective flame-fusion mineral crystal. This is Invicta’s proprietary dial window glass. It combines properties of both mineral and sapphire crystal.

The dial window also has a magnifier similar to what you would find on a Rolex. Both the case and band are made of silver stainless steel. The case diameter is 37 millimeters and it is 11 millimeters thick. The band is 9 inches long and 9 millimeters thick. Its weight comes in at 8.82 ounces.


As far as design goes, It is similar in style to the Rolex Submariner. Much like the Orient Ray II, this watch will give you the luxury look, without the hefty price that comes with luxury watches. This one is even more inexpensive though, than the aforementioned Ray II. On a side note, a lot of users feel that this watch is a bit small as far as men’s watches go.

Right under the 12 o’clock position, you will find the Invicta signature logo. At the right hand side 3 o’clock position is the date window. The dial itself is black and has white dot markers around the face, as well as a black bezel with white markers.

The hour hand of the watch is white, pointed, and has sort of a round ball near the end of it. As for the minute hand, it is white with the traditional sword shape. The second hand has a small round ball near its tip as well.

You will find the Invicta name etched onto the side of the watch case. On the underside of the the case is the Invicta signature logo. It’s chain link style band also, once again has the Invicta name engraved on the underside of each link in the chain link.

I personally feel that peppering the Invicta name on the watch this many times takes away from its aesthetic appeal. This is not noticeable from afar, but when looking at the watch closely, seeing the brand name all over the watch is a bit much. Anyway, the band is then secured with a fold over clasp design.


This is a diving watch, so it is water resistant up to a depth of 660 feet. The dial markers, minute, and hour hands are all luminous for visibility in the dark. The tiny ball near the tip of the second hand is also luminous as well. an interesting feature of the date window is the magnifier. Also known as the “cyclops” window, the magnifier makes it easier to see the date by causing it to appear larger. The bezel is a unidirectional rotating bezel, so it can be turned counter-clockwise.

Quick Look

  • luxury style
  • “flame fusion” dial window
  • “cyclops” date window
  • luminous hands and markers
  • unidirectional rotating bezel
  • water resistant to a depth of 660 feet
  • very inexpensive
    • kind of small for a men’s watch
    • “Invicta” brand name etched onto the watch too many times

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our review of the Invicta 8932 Pro Diver. This is yet another great budget diving watch. It can be enjoyed while adventuring in the ocean, or in a more casual setting. Either way, this is a great budget luxury -styled watch! It’s super low price makes it very low risk to try out!

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