Casio Beside Watch: Inexpensive Dress Watches

The Casio brand is a Japanese brand that specializes in various different types of electronics. It is also well known for producing some very affordable watches. This Japanese watchmaker has produced popular lines such as the G-Shock, and Edifice. In this article, however, we will spotlight one of its lesser known lines. Today we will be looking at some selections from the Casio Beside watch series. The Casio Beside series is lesser known and not talked about much, but it still has some fine offerings. The ones listed here are just a handful of the styles that are presented in the Beside lineup.

There are features that are unique to the Beside series. All of the watches listed feature Japanese Quartz movement. They all have analog displays and dial windows made out of mineral crystal. Each one has Roman numerals on the dial face instead of standard numbers. They also all have a date window. You will notice on these that the Beside title will be displayed underneath the Casio name beneath the 12 o’clock position on all of these watches. They each have a water resistance to a depth of 165 feet.

Men’s BEM507BL-1AV Black

This model’s black on black design gives it a very sleek look. It has a black dial also a black leather band to match. The markings, hands, and bezel are all silver. Personally, I find the contrast between the black and silver to be quite stunning. It would look especially good in more formal attire. Out of the watches listed in this article, this is definitely the one I would buy!

Men’s BEM-520BUL-7A3 Brown Leather

This one has the exact same design as the previous one, the only difference being the color. This one is a lot more lively looking than the black one because it has much more variety to the colors. The leather band is brown. The dial window is white with blue markings followed by a blue bezel. This watch would be perfect for more casual clothing options.

Men’s BEM-100SG-7AVDF – WW

The next Casio Beside watch has a completely different style than the previous two. First off, the watch case is now more of a square than round. secondly, both the band and case are made of silver stainless steel instead of having a leather band like the other ones. And third, the date window is now located on the lower portion of the watch at the 6 o’clock position rather than on the right side at the 3 o’clock like the previous ones.

Despite being more inexpensive than the last two, there is definitely a more luxurious look to this style. The case itself is silver colored, with a silver colored dial that has a starburst design. All of the hands and markings are gold colored. The band has two gold colored strips following the outer edges of it, and the crown is gold colored as well.

Ladies BEL-100SG-7AVDF – WW

What you are looking at here is an identical watch to the previous one. The only difference is that it has a smaller case and band.

Final Thoughts

The Casio brand is chock full of some great selections of watches and the Casio Beside watch series is no exception! These watches have their own unique style and flare to them that would be well suited to any person who admires this particular style.

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