Skone Watches Review: Artistic Designs At Low Prices

In this article, we will be doing a light review of Skone watches. Now right off the bat I’ll go ahead and say that this is another one of those super inexpensive Chinese brands that we see popping up all over the online markets.

And the question that comes to mind when dealing with these types of brands is what is the quality like? It is easy to question the quality of a watch that is both inexpensive, and not a major well known brand. That is one of the reasons we are doing this article. We want to know whether or not Skone watches are worth a purchase.

The good news about cheap watches, is that there is not a whole lot of risk involved. Still though, even at that, no one wants to waste their money, right?

In order to find out, if Skone watches are any good, we are going to be looking at several different aspects of these watches. We will be looking at the build quality, designs, and pricing to find out whether or not Skone watches are worth looking in to.

Skone Watches Review

The first thing we are going to look at is the build quality. How well put together are these watches?

Build Quality

Skone watches have analog displays and utilize Japanese quartz movement. As with most any inexpensive watches, it’s pretty safe to assume that these are not going to be high quality luxury timepieces. In fact, the build quality is on par with that of your typical fashion watch.

The cases range in materials from stainless steel, to copper, or other metal alloys. Dial windows will usually be made of mineral crystal. The bands are made of the usual materials such as stainless steel, nylon, leather, and rubber, to name a few.

Water resistance on these watches is limited to about 30 meters. This makes them splash resistant, but not suitable for showering, swimming, or diving.

So all in all, we have a pretty mediocre build with these watches. This is not a bad thing either, as it is to be expected from inexpensive watches.

Design & Style

This is kind of a gray area with Skone watches. They have extremely varied designs. A lot of their designs take a much more artistic approach than what you see in your typical budget watch brand. Many of these designs really stand out.

The only caveat to this is that while a lot of their designs stand out, it can be for better or for worse. This is always going to be an issue with non traditional watch designs. Some will love them and some will hate them.

Not all of Skone’s watch designs are going to be so flamboyant though. They do have some more traditional designs as well. This brings us to another slight issue with Skone watches.

One thing about these watches that may detract potential buyers is that t is hard to tell what type of look Skone is going for. Are these luxury, or fashion focused watches? It is good to have variation and variety apart from the norm. However, following a certain theme makes it much easier for buyers to decide on a brand.

The last thing we are going to look at here, is the pricing of these watches.


ok, so this is where things get pretty interesting. I have alluded to the fact that these watches are not very expensive. This is true. In fact, Skone watches are downright cheap!

Their watches are incredibly affordable for pretty much any budget. Skone watches sit at the lowest pricing tier of watches as far as affordability goes. Rest assured that buying one or more of these is definitely not going to hurt you pockets!

Check Skone Watches Prices On Amazon

So now that you know how affordable they are, are you ready to buy one? If so, we have a coupke of recommendations!

Skone Watches Review: Recommendations

Skone Skull Watch

This watch resembles something a motorcycle rider would wear! It is all black, with a tough, industrial looking exterior. In the middle of the dial lies the skeleton face design. yo can see though the back of the case as well, though it’s not the most inspired open case back I’ve seen.

The watch features an analog display and is powered by Japanese quartz movement. The case is stainless steel, paired with a mineral crystal dial window, while the band is silicone. It does sport luminous hands for a nice effect.

Lastly, you will only get 30 meters of water resistance here, which means you should keep it from getting wet as much as possible.

Quick Look

  • interesting skull design
  • quartz movement
  • luminous hands
  • water resistant 30 meters

Skone Women’s Fashion Watch

Here’s one for the ladies! It has a slender, elegant look, with heart shaped petals on the dial. The color combo is a 2 tone silver, paired with rose gold coloring on both the band and dial.

It has an analog display and uses Japanese quartz movement. Both the case and band are stainless steel, and the dial window is mineral crystal.

As with other Skone watches, this one also has only 30 meters of water resistance, so do take care to keep it out of the water.

  • elegant design
  • quartz movement
  • water resistant 30 meters

Now that we have had a more thorough look into Skone watches, what can we conclude?

Final Thoughts: Are Skone Watches Any Good?

So are Skone watches any good? Yes they are good, for being an extremely inexpensive watch brand. They could be considered a fashion brand if nothing else.

You won’t find high quality movements and materials here. But what you do find, is a diverse selection of unique designs at a bargain price point. If that is what you are looking for, then yes Skone is going to be a good brand for you.

That wraps up our Skone watches review. If you found this article informative, then we have plenty of other articles covering a diverse array of watches and brands. If interested, then feel free to browse through some of those here.

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