Victorinox Vs Tissot: The Better Budget Swiss Watch?

In this article, we will be taking a look at Victorinox Vs Tissot watches. These are two Swiss watch brands. These two brands both inhabit the “budget luxury” category.

Swiss watches have always been praised for their high quality and precision watches. I suppose it could be argued that all Swiss made watches are luxury watches by default.

In any event, Victorinox and Tissot are, in fact luxury Swiss watches. It’s just that they are on a lower tier of luxury watches. These brands could be considered entry level Swiss luxury watches. The reason for this is that they ae not built to he standards of brand giants such as Rolex or Audemars Piguet.

However, these are still quality brands. But they are much more affordable than brands like the ones we just mentioned.

Now, to compare these brands’ watches, we are going to look at their build quality, style, and pricing. by the end of this article, we should have a definitive answer t which brand is superior.

However, before we even get into that, let’s take a brief look at these two brands.

About Victorinox And Tissot


Now this brand was originally known for their Swiss army knives. However, in 1989 they got into the watch industry. Originally, their aim was to produce affordable and durable watches.

Also, interestingly enough, Victorinox acquired their competitor Wenger in 2005. Wenger is also a manufacturer of Swiss army knives and watches. Despite the acquisition, Victorinox and Wenger still go by their respective brand names.

The majority of their watches first contained quartz movements for the most part. However, demand and competition saw them start to move more towards mechanical movements in a lot of their watch models.


Tissot first began in 1853. As with many other Swiss brands, Tissot began as a family owned business. They didn’t really start to become popular, however, until the early 1900’s.

From there, they were able to bud up their brand name and recognition. Tissot has been featured as the official timekeeper of various sporting events such as fencing, cycling, and hockey.

Tissot has even made some significant contributions to the watch industry. These include the world’s first multifunctional tactile watch. Additionally, they also produced the world’s first antimagnetic watch.

Now that we have a little background info on both of these brands, let’s start comparing their watches! To begin, we will be looking at the overall build quality if these brands’ watches.

Victorinox Vs Tissot: Build Quality

victorinox vs tissot build


The Victorinox brand produces a variety of watch types that feature either mechanical or quartz movement. Now the interesting thing about Victorinox is that they do not just produce luxury watches. They also produce utility watches.

Different lines of Victorinox watches will have different builds. Th luxury styles will have sapphire dial windows and the like, while other models may have mineral dial windows.

Any way it goes, though, Victorinox places a premium on durability. This is focus on durability is seen in full force with their I.N.O.X. line of watches. This line has diver’s watches with 200 meters of water resistance, as well as models with cases made of highly scratch resistant carbon.


Tissot produces mechanical, quartz, and digital watches as well as smartwatches. Their analog watch cases are typically made of stainless steel. There are some models, however with titanium cases, or gold or gold plated cases. The dial windows are usually made of sapphire.

The bands on will be made of stainless steel, leather, nylon, or rubber depending on the model. Water resistance in Tissot watches also varies from model to model, but they can run from 30 meters of resistance to 100 meters, on average.

Verdict On Build Quality

Victorinox wins here. They produce luxury watches that are very durable as well.

The next thing we will compare is the design and styling of these two Swiss brands.

Victorinox Vs Tissot: Design & Style

victorinox vs tissot style


Like most all luxury watch brands, Victorinox is going to have some familiar designs. These include chronographs, dive watches, and different types of dress watches.

However, Victorinox, does stray off the beaten path with some more unique styles. Even these different styles, maintain the elegant and sophisticated look of a luxury watch.


Tissot has many varied styles. They have all of the typical luxury style watches you would expect, such as dive watches, minimalist, chronographs, and dress watches.

No only do they have the tried and true formula when it comes to designs, but they also have more contemporary styles as well. This is even more apparent in their digital and smartwatches.

Verdict on Design & Style

Luxury watches are going to have a luxury look, obviously, however, between the two, Victorinox watches have an arguably classier look on average.

Now, let’s move onto the pricing comparisons.

Victorinox Vs Tissot: Pricing

victorinox vs tissot pricing

When it comes to pricing, these brands ae not too expensive when compared to other luxury watch brands. That’s the benefit of the fact that these are entry level luxury watch brands. They are for sure not cheap, however, you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to afford these watches.

Both Victorinox and Tissot are about dead even when it comes to their pricing structure. Yes there will be more expensive and less expensive models in each brands’ libraries of watches. However, at mid level pricing, these brands’ watches are affordable and accessible to many consumers.

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Now, finally, we can examine the results of our comparisons!

Victorinox Vs Tissot: Final Conclusion

So what is the final conclusion to this matchup? Which brand is arguably better than the other? Well, from the factors we have looked at here, it would appear that Victorinox comes out ahead overall in this comparison. Their unique approach to style an focus on durability in their watches gets them the win here.

But remember to just use this as a guide. Even though Victorinox is the winner here, Tissot watches may be more appealing to an individual. It really just depends on the individual.

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