Tissot Vs Hamilton

In today’s comparison article, we will be exploring the differences between the two watch brands Tissot Vs Hamilton. These are two brands that you may or may not be familiar with.

If anything, Tissot is a bit more well known than Hamilton. One thing, however, that these brands do have in common is the fact that they are both Swiss brands.

We all know that Swiss watches are considered to be top tier in terms of quality. That fact will make this comparison all the more interesting. Between these two Swiss brands, which one would be considered superior?

To find out, we will be analyzing 3 main factors between these two brands: the build quality, design, and pricing. By comparing these factors, we should be able to conclude which brand could hypothetically be better than the other.

But before we even start the comparison, we will take the time to gather a little bit of background information about these brands.

About The Brands


Formed in 1853, Tissot’s main aim was to produce quality luxury watches at more affordable prices. While they weren’t very popular at first, by the 1930’s, they had started to gain some momentum. It was around this time that Tissot became recognized for the quality of their watches.

Since then, the brand has gone on to be featured as the official timekeeper of various championship sporting events. These include sports such as hockey, cycling, and even fencing.

If that wasn’t enough, Tissot has also brought its share of innovation into the industry. They introduced both the world’s first multifunctional tactile watch, as well as the world’s first anti magnetic watch. So all in all, Tissot has definitely earned its reputation.


Interestingly enough, Hamilton originally began as an American watch manufacturer when it was founded in 1892. It was in 1966 that they bought out a Swiss company and started manufacturing watches in Switzerland and incorporating Swiss movements into their watches. By 1969 Hamilton had ceased all manufacturing in America and moved all manufacturing to their factories in Switzerland.

During World War 2, Hamilton actually suspended the production of consumer watches in favor of producing watches for military use. Their marine chronometers were especially favored during this time for their naval applications.

In terms of innovation, Hamilton has also left its mark on the industry. In 1957, they introduced the first electric watch into the market. They also improved upon the automatic watch movement, by creating the first automatic movement to use a smaller “micro rotor” to power a watch.

Now, we will start comparing the watches between the two, starting with the build quality.

Tissot Vs Hamilton: Build Quality

tissot vs hamilton build quality


The Tissot brand produces analog quartz, and mechanical watches, as well as smartwatches. Typically, the cases will be made of stainless steel. They do, however, also have more extravagant cases made of titanium, gold, or gold plated.

The dial window’s on Tissot watches are sapphire crystal, which helps with scratch resistance. As for water resistance, on average models can range anywhere from around 30 meters, to as much as 100 meters of resistance.


Hamilton makes analog, automatic watches, as well as quartz analog and digital watches. Cases are stainless steel, and dial windows are most commonly made of sapphire crystal.

Water resistance in their watches ranges from averages of about 50 meters up to 100 meters of resistance from model to model.

Verdict On Build Quality

Overall, Tissot, appears to have the better build between the two with more premium options available.

Next, let’s take a look at the design and styling of these two brands.

Tissot Vs Hamilton: Design & Style

tissot vs hamilton design


There are a large variety of styles in Tissot’s repertoire both old and new. The have styles of traditional luxury watches such as chronographs, business casual, minimalist, and diving.

In addition to that, you will also find more modern and contemporary designs. Their smartwatches, in particular show off this more modern approach to fashion.


Hamilton has plenty of styles to choose from. Their field watches are particularly popular. Likewise, their pilot watches are still a welcome addition to any watch collector’s library.

Even the futuristic triangular shape of their first battery powered watch, the Ventura, is still an excellent choice today. Overall, Hamilton watches have styles that would make great collectibles.

Verdict On Design & Style

Both watches have their own perspectives on style, however, Tissot’s styles are more contemporary and can appeal to a much wider audience.

Finally, we’ll take a look at the pricing differences between these two brands.

Tissot Vs Hamilton: Pricing

tissot vs hamilton price

The watches among both Tissot’s and Hamilton’s collection are going to have varied pricing from model to model, but for the most part, neither brands’ watches are going to be too excessively expensive.

These brands are by no means cheap either, but prices tend to average around the mid range of the pricing spectrum. As for which brand has more affordable pricing, it’s a close call, but you can probably find more budget options with Tissot.

Once again, these ae not going to be dirt cheap, but for a watch that fits into the luxury category, some of Tissot’s watch models are priced pretty affordably.

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So, now that we have compered several different factors between these two brands; which brand would be the better purchase?

Final Conclusion

Based on the factors we have covered here today, between Tissot and Hamilton, Tissot comes out on top. Tissot has arguably better builds, styles that appeal to appeal to a wider audience, and more affordable options than Hamilton.

As always though, which brand is the best is very much subjective as well, because different people will like different things about a watch. This makes it hard to definitively say what brand is “better” when compared to another, but I think we do a pretty good job of examining different aspects of a brand

That covers this Tissot Vs Hamilton comparison. If you enjoyed this article, then note that we do have many other comparison articles similar to this one. If you want, you can check those out here

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