Tudor Vs Longines: 2 Top Swiss Brands Collide!

In this comparison article, we are going to be examining the Tudor Vs Longines brands. These are both two Swiss luxury watch manufacturers.

Swiss watches are renown for having the highest standards in quality when it comes to watchmaking. Most watch enthusiast know that having a certified Swiss watch means that you are pretty much almost guaranteed to have a quality product.

So when we are comparing Swiss watches, we are essentially comparing the absolute best of the best. Only one can come out on top though, right?

To compare these brands, we are going to take a look at their watches in terms of build quality, style, and pricing. What it will ultimately boil down to is which brand has the higher quality watches, better styles, and more reasonable pricing.

The first thing that we are going to do though is get some brief background information about these two brands.

About Tudor And Longines


Tudor is often times described as “a poor man’s Rolex”. The reasoning behind this goes back to how Tudor first began.

Hans Wilsdorf, the man behind the Rolex brand, was also responsible for the formation of the Tudor brand. He wanted to expand his market reach by basically creating a more affordable Rolex type watch. Thus, in 1926, the Tudor brand was formed.

Originally, Tudor basically utilized many of the same parts that were found in Rolex watches, and used ETA movements to power these watches. However, in 2009, Tudor decided to reestablish its identity.

This move saw a shift away from ETA movements and more towards their own custom in house movements. The brands has since continued to produce and maintain their high standard of quality watches .


Longines has been around for a long time, pun intended. It was first founded way back in 1832. It also happens to be one of the oldest registered watch manufacturers in history. They were registered with the Federal Office Of Intellectual Property way back in 1889.

Longines has made significant contributions to the industry as well. In 1945, they released the calibre 22a, which was the first automatic winding movement for a wristwatch. And in 1961, they released the thinnest electrotechnical movement ever seen at that time.

Aside from this, Longines has also historically been the official timekeeper for various sporting events. So over time, their name has gained worldwide recognition and prestige.

Now we can begin the actual comparisons of the two brands watches, starting with the build quality.

Tudor Vs Longines: Build Quality

tudor longines build


Mechanical watches are Tudor’s specialty, although it is possible to find some older quartz models. They all have analog displays. Anyways, the cases will be predominately stainless steel. This is a luxury brand, so there will be gold or gold plated cases, as well as titanium cases. Ceramic bezels are also common on many models.

The dial windows will be made of sapphire crystal, which is a staple of premium watch brands. The straps can be made of a variety of materials from stainless steel, to leather, or even fabric. Water resistance in Tudor watches varies from 100 to 200 meters, though there are some models which go up to as high as 500 meters of resistance.

As stated earlier, Tudor used to use mainly ETA movements, but now produces more watches with their own in house movements.


Longines manufactures analog watches that use either quartz or mechanical movements. Their cases are stainless steel, and their dial windows, are once again, sapphire.

The bands on these watches can be stainless steel, leather, or even rubber, depending on the model. Water resistance in Longines watches can be anywhere from 30 to 300 meters, varying by the model.

As far as movements go, Longines sticks to ETA movements, rather than producing their own in house movements.

Verdict On Build Quality

These brands are both quality Swiss brands, but Tudor seems to have the upper hand when it comes to build quality.

Next, we’ll be looking at the designs.

Tudor Vs Longines: Design & Style

tudor longines style


Best known for their diving watches, Tudor has many of the traditional luxury styled designs. You will find dress watches, chronographs, minimalist, and sport watches. Within all of their styles, you can see the attention to detail, and it is obvious upon close inspection that these are high end watches.


Longines as well has the popular styles like diving watches, chronographs, minimalist, etc. Their styles are gorgeous and luxurious. They stand out and turn heads. While they do have many traditional luxury styles, there is a lot of variety in their designs.

Verdict On Design & Style

Both brands exude elegance and sophistication, so it’s a really close call. I’m going to say that Longines has a slight edge in the style department though.

The last thing we’ll be looking at here is the watch price differences between these two brands.

Tudor Vs Longines: Pricing

tudor longines price

When it comes to premium watch brands, you can expect to pay premium prices. Both Tudor and Longines watches are priced in the higher tier of the price range. As expected, within both brands’ collections you will find more expensive and less expensive options.

The thing about premium Swiss luxury watches, is that even their lower priced watches will be pretty expensive. With that being said, Longines watches can be found at lower prices on average than Tudor.

Check Tudor Watches Prices On Amazon

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So what’s the final verdict on Tudor Vs Longines?

Final Conclusion

So what can we conclude from the factors that we have looked at today? From the available information, it would seem that Longines wins out for being slightly more fashionable and also slightly less expensive.

As always though, only use this as a guide in choosing a brand. The conclusions we come to shouldn’t be the only reason you choose a brand. In the end, a particular brand may speak to you or resonate with you. You may like the styles more than we do. There are a myriad of other more personal factors to consider.

But anyway, that concludes our matchup between the Tudor and Longines watch brands. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more of our comparisons similar to this, you can check some of those out here

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