Brigada Watches: Luxury For The Low?

Today we will be focusing on a very inexpensive Chinese watch brand called Brigada watches. These watches can be found on online marketplaces for unbelievably low prices. They have received mostly favorable reviews, but does this tell the whole story?

We sometimes talk about ‘budget luxury watches”. These are watches that are styled in the fashion of luxury watches, but are found at far lower prices than an actual luxury watch. So budget luxury watches are basically just cheap watches that look expensive.

Within this space exists yet another type of inexpensive watch. These types of watches are so cheap, that they can only be described as “bargain bin watches”. These watches have prices that are about as low as conceivably possible for a watch to be priced.

Brogada has watches that exist in this incredibly low price range. Now when it comes to cheap watches, the immediate question is going to be about the quality of the watch. Are they any good, or are they worthless pieces of junk?

This is kind of the double edged sword to cheap watches. Yes they can be bought for extremely low prices, but they can sometimes be prone to mechanical or structural issues. The one positive, however, is that these types of watches are so cheap, that they are easily replaceable. Therefore overall, bargain bin brands are relatively low risk.

But anyways, we are going to be taking an in depth look at Brigada watches. We are going to look at the build quality, design, and pricing of these watches to see how they hold up. These watches may be very inexpensive, but are they worth buying? Let’s find out!

Brigada Watches Review

To begin, we will start by looking at the overall build quality of these watches.

Build Quality

Brigada watches are going to have Japanese quartz movement. Different models of watches, however, will have different builds. Some have stainless steel cases, while others have cases made of metal alloys. Some have mineral crystal dial windows while others have glass windows.

The cheaper ones are going to be made of the cheaper materials and the more expensive ones will be closer to the average watch as far as builds go. The water resistance is consistent throughout the builds though.

The watch straps come in the typical materials. you will find straps made of leather, synthetic leather, and stainless steel.

You won’t see much more than 30 meters of water resistance, so these watches should definitely not be worn while swimming or showering.

Overall, the build quality of Brigada watches will range from average to below average, depending on which particular watch you get. This is, of course, to be expected from a budget brand.

Next, we’ll take a look at the design and style of these watches.

Design & Style

True to form, these watches do have an appearance akin to that of actual luxury watches. nothing too breathtaking, but nevertheless impressive considering the low prices. They have styles ranging from sleek minimalist, to some slightly flashier designs. Once again, nothing too extravagant, but good considering you are dealing with budget watches.

Now we can talk about the actual cost of these watches.


as has been alluded to this whole time, Brigada watches are cheap. In some cases, really cheap! Prices usually stay in the lowest tier of the pricing spectrum, so affordability is never going to be a problem here.

Like I mentioned earlier, different models will run at different prices, but none of them are going to be expensive at all when compared to your average watch brands. And the cheaper ones, are some of the cheapest watch prices you are going to find.

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Now if you are interested in purchasing a Brigada watch and are not sure where to start, we do have a couple of recommendations!

Brigada Watches: Recommendations

Brigada Men’s Business Casual

Like the name says, this watch is perfect for the office, or other formal occasions. It comes in other styles, but this one has a black dial, brown synthetic leather band, and roman numeral markers. Comes in at an astonishingly low price too!

This watch has an analog display and is powered by Japanese quartz movement. The case is made of metal alloy and the dial window is glass. It is water resistant 30 meters.

Quick Look

  • business casual style
  • very low pricing
  • water resistant 30 meters

Brigada Minimalist Black

Sometimes the simpler the better. This watch is a minimalist all black style. Very sleek look to it. Could fit just about any style of clothing, really. Once again Brigada shows off their extraordinarily low prices here.

The watch has an analog display and uses quartz movement. Its case is made of metal alloy, the dial window is glass, and the band is synthetic leather. Water resistance is 30 meters.

Quick Look

  • sleek, minimalist look
  • low pricing
  • water resistant 30 meters

Final Conclusion: Are Brigada Watches Any Good?

So what do I have to say about Brigada watches? Is this a good brand? Well clearly this is no luxury brand. These watches are not made of high quality materials, and are certainly not meant to last for decades.

However, they do serve their purpose, which is to look good at very affordable prices. Brigada watches very much succeeds in that aspect.

What it then comes down to is your reason for getting a watch. If you want a stylish looking watch at a dirt cheap watch, then Brigada is for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something of a higher quality, then you should look into luxury alternatives. Those will be higher quality, though more expensive than these.

Overall though, Brigada watches have a lot of positive reviews, so customers are consistently satisfied. And once again, these watches are priced so low that there is not a whole lot of risk involved in purchasing one, so you might as well try one out.

This concludes our look into Brigada watches. If you enjoyed this review and want to see more reviews of watches and watch brands, you can check those out here

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