WWOOR Watches Review: Cheap Elegance

In this article, we are going to be doing a review of WWOOR watches. You can already tell by the name that this is a prime example of a mushroom brand. That is to say, that this is a brand that seemingly sprouted up out of nowhere. Most commonly, these are Chinese watch brands.

Brands like this tend to be hit or miss in terms of quality. As a matter of fact, the customer reviews of these watches are mixed. WWOOR watches are priced extremely low though, so that definitely reduces any of the possible risk in buying one.

A lot of times when it comes to these obscure brands, there may be some degree of hesitation when it comes to buying one, especially when they are mid to high priced. Luckily, in the case of WWOOR, their watches are so cheap, it won’t hit the pockets too hard if you get a dud.

And on that note, the whole purpose of this review is to find out if WWOOR watches are even worth a purchase at all. To reach a conclusion, we’ll be analyzing the build quality, designs, and pricing of WWOOR watches. After that, it should become apparent whether or not this brand is any good.

To start, let’s first take a look at the build quality of these watches.

Build Quality

WWOOR makes analog watches that use quartz movement. The cases are made of metal alloy a lot of the time, but can also be stainless steel. The dial windows are glass, but some can be made of mineral crystal.

Watch bands can come in leather, stainless steel, and synthetic leather. Water resistance ranges from 30 to 50 meters, so these watches shouldn’t be used in the water.

So overall the build quality in WWOOR watches varies from below average, to average, depending on the model. A lot of these watches are found at bargain bin prices, so you wouldn’t really expect a high quality build at that price range. And of course it will be the slightly more expensive ones that will be of a slightly higher quality than the rest.

Next, we are going to be examining the design and style of WWOOR watches.

Design & Style

WWOOR has some absolutely beautiful and elegant designs. These watches do highly resemble luxury watches, as far as outward appearances go.

They have a various range of men’s and women’s styles. Some are slim fitting and low profile. Then of course you have the chronographs, and sportier styles. There are also going to be the business casual styles as well as the minimalist styles.

All in all, WWOOR excels in design and style. Though they may not be luxury watches, they look the part. that is what they set out to do and have definitely achieved that.

The next part that we will talk about is the pricing, which is the main reason you would probably be interested in buying one.


A lot of the Chinese luxury styled brands, and homages, get attention for their pricing, as these watches are much less expensive than they appear. Prices of these watches can be anywhere from the low end up to mid tier pricing. They will never be expensive though, as that would kind of defeat the purpose of these brands.

Well WWOOR watches are priced in the lowest tier of the pricing spectrum. These watches are cheap, with some models possessing some of the lowest possible prices for a watch. So you definitely don’t have to worry about budgeting for one of these watches as they are extremely affordable!

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Now that we know a bit more about WWOOR watches, if you are interested in buying one, we do have a couple of recommendations!

WWOOR Watches Review: Recommendations

WWOOR Casual Watch With Date Window

This is a popular and highly rated watch from WWOOR. It comes in several different color variations. This one is all black with a black dial. It has Roman Numeral markings, as well as a date window at the 3o’clock position. A very good choice for formal attire.

This watch has an analog display and uses Japanese quartz movement. The case is made out of metal alloy, and the band is stainless steel. The dial window is made out of mineral crystal. It is water resistant 30 meters, which is not much, so keep it out of the water as much as possible.

Quick Look

  • great for formal wear
  • date window
  • water resistant 30 meters

WWOOR Unisex Business Casual

Here is another WWOOR watch with exceptional ratings. It is a business casual unisex watch. It comes in several different color variations. This one happens to be all gold colored with a black dial. The shape of the watch case this time is rectangular. It has Roman Numeral markings. Another good watch for formal occasions.

It has an analog display and is powered with by Japanese quartz movement. The case is made of metal alloy and the strap is stainless steel. It has a mineral crystal dial window. Water resistance is only 30 meters so it can handle small splashes, but shouldn’t be worn swimming, showering, or anything like that.

Quick Look

  • business casual style
  • unisex
  • water resistant 30 meters

Final Conclusion: Is WWOOR A Good Brand?

From what I have seen here, WWOOR is an ok brand. it is not bad, but nothing exceptional either. The top two things to like about this brand are the styles, and the prices.

Being able to get such gorgeous designs at these super low prices is always a good thing. And once again, since the prices are so low, it is not really going to be a risk to purchase one. So I would say that if you like the designs and styles, then go ahead and give them a try!

That’s it for our WWOOR watches review. If you liked what you saw here, then you can find more interesting finds by checking out our reviews section here

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