Tudor Vs Omega: In Search Of Swiss Luxury!

In this article we will be comparing Tudor Vs Omega watch brands. These are both Swiss luxury watch brands that pride themselves on superior quality. Our goal here is to find out which of these two brands makes the better Swiss luxury watch.

In order to do this we will look at 3 major factors. The build quality, design, and pricing. These are very important aspects of a brand to look at. When these 3 factors are properly aligned, you have the makings of an excellent watch brand.

A watch that is high quality, with exquisite designs that can be purchased at a competitive price, is always going to appeal to consumers. So between Tudor and Omega, who does it better? Let’s find out!

First though, a brief introduction to the brands.

About Tudor And Omega


Tudor has close ties to the Rolex brand. This makes sense as Tudor itself was started by Rolex’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf. Founded in 1926, basically, the main goal of the Tudor brand was to produce a more affordable Rolex.

Tudor even used many of the same parts used in Rolex watches. By 2009, however, Tudor kind of reset the brand entirely. From then on, Tudor wanted to become more than just “a poor man’s Rolex”. Part of this rebranding saw Tudor start to move from using ETA movements to using their very own in house movements. From there, Tudor continued to advance and evolve over time.


Formed in 1848, the Omega brand originally specialized in pocket watches. It was in 1894, however, that the focus shifted more towards wristwatches. This was due in part to advancements in the manufacturing process. Since then, Omega has gone on to become very innovative in the watch industry as a whole.

Omega produced the first tourbillon wristwatch movement. Not only that, but they came up with their very onw standards of quality. It’s called the Master Chronometer Certification Standard. This is a series of tests the measures a watch’s accuracy, durability, and overall quality. So Omega definitely left their mark on the industry!

Ok, so now that we’ve covered the introductions, let’s start our comparisons by taking a look at the build quality of these two great brands!

Tudor Vs Omega: Build Quality

tudor omega build


This company focuses on manufacturing mechanical watches, although it is possible to find some older quartz models. The majority of their cases are made of stainless steel. There are some models that utilize titanium cases, however. Then there are models with gold or gold plated cases as well. Some models will also have ceramic bezels.

The dial windows on Tudor watches will be made of sapphire crystal, which is to be expected from a premium brand. The watch bands will come in various materials depending on the model. Some bands will be stainless steel, some leather, and some fabric.

A lot of Tudor watches will have commonly have a water resistance of 100 meters, but other models will be 200 meters. There are, of course models that can go up to as high as 500 meters of water resistance.


Omega is a manufacturer of both mechanical and quartz watches. They have cases made of stainless steel, which is pretty common, as well as dial windows made of sapphire crystal. The bands will be made of stainless steel, leather, rubber, or nylon, as well as other materials, which will vary based on the model.

The water resistance in Omega watches can range from as low as 30 meters, all the way up to 600 meters of resistance, as seen in their Seamaster series.

Now we mentioned Omega’s Master Chronometer Certification Standard before. While not all Omega watches meet this standard, many of them do.

Verdict On Build Quality

While these brands both clearly produce finely crafted watches, Omega takes the lead when it comes to build quality. This is to be expected from a brand that created its own standard of quality.

We’ll be comparing design and style next.

Tudor Vs Omega: Design & Style

tudor omega style



Trying to figure out which brand has the better designs and styles can sometimes prove difficult. After all, different people have different individual tastes. So coming up with a blanket answer is a matter of opinion for the most part. However, if the majority agrees, then the I suppose the points can then be considered valid.

Anyways, in the case of Tudor and Omega, these are both luxury brands, and pretty much deliver what you would expect. They each have the usual types of styles. These include Chronographs, minimalist, sporty, and diving styles.

So which one is better? In my opinion, each style has equivalent offerings. In other words, they are dead even in terms of style. Both offer some of the best design choices when it comes to Swiss luxury watches.

The next thing we’re going to look at is the difference in pricing between these brands.

Tudor Vs Omega: Pricing

tudor omega pricing

Both Tudor and Omega are Swiss luxury watch brands, so you already know that you can expect to spend a pretty penny. Luxury watch brands are usually going to be expensive. This is especially true when it comes to Swiss watches. Sure there are entry level luxury watches that can be bought for something of a bargain by comparison. But we aren’t talking about entry level Luxury watches here. We are dealing with full blown, high end watches here.

With all that being said, which one is cheaper? Each brand has their more expensive, and less expensive models. The pricing between these brand is fairly close, but it appears that Tudor watches tend to run a bit lower on average than omega watches.

You will still be spending a god bit of money, but many Tudor models will be at least slightly lower priced than Omega watches.

Check Tudor Watch Prices On Amazon

Check Omega Watch Prices on Amazon

Final Conclusion

So what’s our final verdict? From the factors that we have covered, these brands are even when it comes to design and style. However, Omega watches would appear to have the superior build quality overall, while Tudor watches can be found at slightly lower prices on average.

Based on these results, it basically comes down to these two factors. Though both brands are of exceptional quality, If you are looking for a watch that is certified to be of superior quality, then check out Omega watches that have passed the Master Chronometer Certification Standards.

If you want to find a slightly cheaper luxury Swiss watch, you may want to start by browsing through Tudor’s collections. Ultimately though, these brands are pretty evenly matched, and it would be hard to say that one is truly better than the other. It really comes down to personal preference when all is said and done.

That covers today’s comparison! If you liked what you saw and want to see more like it, we have similar matchups that can be found here

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