Guess Vs Fossil Watches: Fashionably Fashionable!

In this comparison article, are going to be looking at Guess vs Fossil brand watches. These two brands are pretty well known and popular. There are a few factors that they do share in common with each other. For starters, they are both American brands. They both focus on affordability. And most importantly, they are both fashion watches.

Now we have previously done an article covering fashion watches before. But to briefly recap, a fashion watch is basically a watch that is designed to be trendy or fashionable. This is in contrast to luxury watches, which are watches that are designed to meet the highest quality standards.

Fashion watches are even different from homages, or luxury alternatives, as these types of watches are designed to look like expensive watches, but come at a much lower price than their more expensive counterparts.

Anyway, before we get into too much detail comparing Guess and Fossil watches, let’s briefly get acquainted with these two brands.

About Guess And Fossil Watches


While the Guess brand was originally formed in 1981, it wasn’t until 1984 that they started producing watches. Even as a relatively young company, it didn’t take them very long to position themselves as a global name in the fashion industry. This company is actually more focused on its clothing than on watches.

However, while they are not necessarily known for their watches in particular, they do produce timepieces that can compete against other fashion brands, as you will see later on in this comparison.


Fossil has been around since 1984. They first got into the watch industry by producing vintage style 1930’s themed watches. This unique approach to style caught on and quickly gained the brand some recognition.

From those early roots, Fossil was able to evolve and adapt their styles to suit the times. They have always been able to keep up with and even foster some of the latest trends. This is at least part of the reason why Fossil has continued to stay relevant and a leader in the fashion industry to this day.

Guess Vs Fossil Watches

In this section, we will directly compare these two brands’ watches. What we will be comparing is the build quality, design & style, and pricing of both brands. These are some of the most important factors that you need to look at in a watch brand.

Build Quality

guess vs fossil build quality

Fashion watches tend to have rather inferior builds compared to other watch types. Their focus is purely on aesthetics, so they will not be built for harsh environments. Neither will they have intricately fine tuned movements as is the case with luxury watches.


Guess makes smartwatches, automatic watches, quartz, and digital watches. By and large, Guess watches have stainless steel cases, and mineral crystal dial windows.

Their bands are usually made of stainless steel, leather, or silicone depending on the model. The water resistance of Guess watches typically ranges anywhere from 30 to 50 meters of resistance. Not too bad for a fashion watch.


Fossil produces quartz, automatic, and smart watches. The build quality of their watches is nothing special really. The cases are made of stainless steel, and they have dial windows made of mineral crystal. Their watch straps are usually stainless steel, leather, or even silicone.

For water resistance, they are mostly only good for 30 meters of resistance. That’s not much, but these aren’t the type of watches that are built for swimming and diving.

Verdict On Build Quality

Neither brand possesses the most spectacular f builds, but Guess comes out slightly ahead in terms of build quality.

Design & Style

guess vs fossil style


Guess takes fashion to another level! They make all kinds of styles from minimalist to sport, and even chronographs. A lot of their styles are unique, and even flamboyant. They have some truly stunning watches in their collection, especially when you consider how affordable they are.


When it comes to style, Fossil certainly hits all the right marks! They have an extensive library of various watch types, each having their own unique approach to fashion. Even their smartwatches have gained attention, going as far as winning the Fashion Tech Of The Year award. All in all Fossil is fashion done right.

Verdict On Design & Style

It is easy to see why these two brands are able to thrive in the competitive world of fashion. They each add their own distinct flare to the industry.

Overall though, I would have to say that Guess hits harder than Fossil when it comes to their watch designs. Fossil is good for sure, but Guess has some absolutely phenomenal styles that are difficult to compete with.


guess vs fossil cost

Both of these companies pride themselves on bringing affordability to fashion when it comes to their watch prices. As such, neither Guess nor Fossil are very expensive for the most part. Within each brand’s collections, you will find watches at the very low end of the price range, and others up to mid tier pricing.

They never get much more expensive than that though, so you should be able to find something that fits just about any budget with either of these brands. Now if you are looking for the least expensive options when it comes to fashion watches, Guess has more watches in the lowest tier of the pricing spectrum.

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Guess Vs Fossil Watches: Final Conclusion

After carefully examining the build quality, design & style, and pricing of these two brands, we have come to a conclusion. It would appear that Guess watches have slightly better builds, more stylish options, and have some watches that are consistently priced lower than Fossil.

So based on the factors we looked at today, Guess wins out. But always remember that at the end of the day, you will have to decide for yourself which brand best suits your needs.

That pretty much covers this matchup. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you liked this, then we have more comparison articles just like this one. You can check out some of those here

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