Victorinox Vs Seiko: Can Japanese Match Swiss?

In this article, we are going to be comparing the two watch brands Victorinox Vs Seiko to see which one is better. Victorinox is a Swiss watch brand, while Seiko is a Japanese company.

Swiss watch brands are world renown for their quality, precision, and fine craftsmanship. You may be wondering how a Japanese watch brand can compete with that. Well, there are a couple of things we can look at here.

The first thing worth mentioning is that even though Victorinox is a Swiss brand, it represents a position known as “entry level” Swiss luxury watches. This means that while it does adhere to Swiss quality standards, it is not in the top tier of Swiss watches and is thus more affordable to the public.

Then we can turn our eyes to Seiko. While they are not technically a luxury brand, they do produce some fine timepieces. Additionally, they have a lot more variety in their watch types.

Nevertheless, we will compare these two brands by looking at the overall build quality, designs, and pricing between the two. But before we get into all of that, let’s talk a little bit more about the brands.

About The Brands


Interestingly enough, Victorinox mainly gained popularity for their Swiss army knives. Though the company has been around since 1891, they didn’t start manufacturing watches until 1989.

When they first got into the watch industry, they focused mainly on producing quartz watches. Eventually, however, they began to shift focus onto producing more mechanical watches.

They expanded their operation in 2005, when they bought out their competitor, Wenger. Wenger also produced Swiss knives and watches. Despite the acquisition, the Wenger and Victorinox brands each still operate as independent brands.


Seiko was founded in 1881 and has been an innovative company within the watch industry. In fact, it was their introduction of the quartz watch into the market that shook up an entire industry!

If that wasn’t enough, they are also credited with spring drive technology for increased accuracy in mechanical watches, as well as also introducing the world to kinetic watches.

So, as you can see, while not being a purely luxury watchmaker, Seiko has been an integral part of the history of watchmaking in general. That is certainly no small feat!

Now that we’ve covered the brief introductions, let’s start comparing these brands’ watches, starting with the build quality.

Victorinox Vs Seiko: Build Quality

victorinox vs seiko build


Despite technically being a Swiss brand, Victorinox doesn’t exclusively manufacture luxury watches. They produce a variety of watch types, including utility watches.

That being said, different types and models of watches will have different builds. For instance, their more luxury focused watches will have sapphire dial windows, while their more casual watches will have mineral crystal dial windows.

Water resistance will vary as well. However, Victorinox does put a premium focus on durability in their watches. Take their I.N.O.X. line for example. These not only have a luxury look and quality feel, but also feature durable scratch resistant carbon cases. This line also includes dive watches with a water resistance of up to 200 meters!


Seiko also produces a wide range of watches from mechanical automatic to quartz. They make just about every watch type you can think of. They have dive watches, chronograph, luxury watches, etc.

Most Seiko watches have cases traditionally made of stainless steel. One area that is unique to Seiko watches is their dial windows. Seiko has their own proprietary material that they use in their dial windows called hardlex. It may not be as scratch resistant as sapphire, but it is much tougher than ordinary mineral crystal dial windows.

Other than that, water resistance among Seiko models will vary. You can find models with water resistance from as low as 30 meters in the standard models, all the way up to 200 meters of resistance in their dive watches.

Verdict On Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, the Swiss brand proves itself to be superior. Victorinox would appear to have the overall better builds. Next, we’ll look at the design and styles of these brands.

Victorinox Vs Seiko: Design & Style

victorinox vs seiko style


You will find a lot of the familiar luxury styles here. they have the usual assortment of dive watches, chronographs, and dress watch styles.

In addition to these, though, they have several styles that are unique to Victorinox. Some of these styles, while being a bit different from what you normally see in luxury watches, still maintain the same luxury look and feel.


Seiko has such a wide variety of watch types, and styles to go with them. No doubt if you browse through Seiko’s incredibly large library of watches, you will find something you like here.

They cover the traditional style types like formal, sport, and dive watches. For the most part, they have solid styles, but don’t really have too much that stands out from the crowd.

Verdict On Design & Style

Both brands have a lot to offer in terms of style because each brand has so many different types of watches. Victorinox, however, has a lot more striking and unique styles in their arsenal.

Now, we can finally take a look at the pricing differences between these two brands.

Victorinox Vs Seiko: Pricing

victorinox vs seiko pricing

Both brands have varied price ranges in their watches from low to mid range. However, with Seiko, it is much easier to find lower priced watches Vs Victorinox. Seiko simply has more less expensive options than Victorinox. Victorinox watches are priced more mid to high.

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So now what can we conclude from the results of this comparison?

Final Verdict

After examining several different factors between these two brands, we can come to a conclusion. Even though Seiko is one of the most innovative watchmakers out there, Victorinox just has more of a luxury quality to their watches overall. This makes sense considering it is a Swiss brand.

However, Seiko still has many popular watches, including more dress styled options, so don’t count them out. Seiko wins out in terms of the sheer variety of watch types.

And that pretty much covers everything we’re going to talk about in this comparison. If you liked it, then don’t hesitate to check out some of our other similar comparisons, which can be found here

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    • I’m not comparing Victorinox to Grand Seiko. I’m comparing it to regular Seiko. Grand Seiko is another brand entirely.


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