Xeric Watches Review: Are They Worth The Price?

This time we are going to be doing a review on Xeric watches. They are known for producing watches with extravagant designs. The thing about these watches though, is that they tend to be a bit pricey.

If you are about to spend your hard earned money on a watch, then you probably want to know more about what it is exactly you are getting. That’s where we come in! We have done some research and dug a little deeper into this brand to provide you with a little bit more information about their watches.

In our Xeric watches review we are going to tell you a little bit about the brand itself, the build quality of its watches, and the designs. From there we can determine whether or not they are actually worth their asking price.

First things first, what do we actually know about this brand?

About Xeric Watches

The official Xeric watch brand actually began as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2013. The Kickstarter was used to fund and promote their “Xeriscope” watch. Now the actual roots of this company go much further back.

It all started with a man named Mitch Greenblatt, who was an avid watch collector, blogger, and reseller. His claim to fame was reselling vintage watch collectibles on Ebay. In the late 90’s he eventually gained the attention of Vogue magazine. In order to write about him, he needed a brand name, and thus Watchismo.com (now Watches.com) was started.

Mitch eventually formed a partnership with his brother Andrew, who had prior business experience. Together, through trial and error, they established Watchismo as a successful business.

Finally, in 2013 they teamed up with fellow entrepreneur Danny Hunsaker and started Xeric watches. This is when the Kickstarter campaign was first launched.

Now that we know a little about the backstory, let’s take a look at the watches themselves.

Xeric Watches Review

Build Quality

Here, we are going to take a look at what materials Xeric watches are comprised of. Xeric watches mainly use automatic mechanical Japanese Miyota movements.

  • Cases: The cases are made of stainless steel.
  • Dial Windows: Dial windows are sapphire crystal.
  • Straps: The straps are going to be leather, often of premium quality.
  • Water Resistance: They generally are water resistant between 50 and 100 meters.

From this, we can gather that this watch does stick to quality materials. The addition of sapphire glass dial windows, and leather straps are often seen in more premium and high end watches.


This is what Xeric watches are known for. Their watches have eye-catching and extravagant designs. This may not appeal to those who prefer more traditionally styled luxury watches. If, however, you want to be different, and stand out from the crowd, Xeric watches will definitely grab the attention of others!

From their single hand, to space themed watches, Xeric has both unique, and bizarre designs you won’t find anywhere else! Rather than just wearing a watch, you would be wearing a work of art!

I commend Xeric for stepping out of the box with their designs. These types of designs are so different, that it’s going to be hit or miss with many. Unlike traditional luxury watches, Xeric watches are an acquired taste.

Next, we’ll talk about pricing.


Xeric watches inhabit the mid tier price ranges. They would be considered an entry level luxury watch, so they will be somewhat expensive. Now they are not going to be anywhere near as expensive as a Rolex or Cartier watch.

However, they are not budget friendly either, so prepare accordingly if you plan on buying one.

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There could be potential downsides to Xeric watches. There have been reports of some customers having quality issues with their watches. Granted, a lot of these problems appear to have happened a couple of years ago. I would hope that by now, Xeric would have addressed some of those issues.

With that out of the way, should you be interested in actually purchasing a Xeric watch, here are some popular recommendations.

Xeric Watches Review: Recommendations

If you are looking to buy a Xeric watch, this would be a good place to start.

Xeric Decypher

This one puts that uniqueness of Xeric watches on full display! As I had mentioned before, these watches are works of art. This one expresses the dichotomy between light and dark.

The hour markers are located in the upper part of the dial and show in white against a black exterior. The minute markers are on the lower part of the dial and show in black against a white backdrop.

This is a mechanical watch with an analog display. It features the Miyota 8250 self winding movement. It also has an exhibition case back, showing off the movement. The dial window and case back are scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It’s band is made of premium Horween leather.

This watch also features a luminous dial. The glow on this is much brighter than what you would usually see on a watch. Additionally, this watch has up to a 40 hour power reserve to run on when not being worn. Lastly, it is water resistant 50 meters, so it will withstand getting water on it, but don’t wear it while swimming or showering.

This watch is on the expensive side. It is a limited edition, that comes in different colors, however there are only 300 of these for each color. I would consider this a novelty item. If you like the artistic approach and have the budget for it, then go for it. For everyone else, I would say pass on this one.

Quick look

  • very artistic approach for a watch
  • Miyota 8250 self winding movement
  • exhibition case back
  • scratch resistant sapphire crystal on front and back of case
  • Horween leather strap
  • above average luminosity
  • water resistant 30 meters
  • only 300 of these made for each color pattern
    • expensive novelty watch

Xeric Trappist-1 NASA Edition Lunar Module

Next we have a space themed moonphase watch from Xeric. The idea for this watch came from an actual planet found by NASA, which they named “Trappist-1”.

I’m gonna start by saying that the thing I like the most about this one is the way that the star and moon designs on this watch glow in the dark. It is incredible to look at. It’s almost like a mini planetarium inside of a watch!

This watch utilizes the Seiko VH31 hybrid mechanical quartz sweeping seconds hand movement. The planets within the watch actually tell the time with their “orbit”. The innermost planet tells the hours, while the outermost tells the minutes.

The case is stainless steel, but it’s dial window is made from Hesalite. It’s band is premium Horween leather. Finally, it is water resistant 50 meters. Xeric only produced 1,969 versions of each color, paying homage to the year of the first moon landing in 1969.

This is another novelty luxury watch by Xeric. It is somewhat expensive, so I would only recommend it if it makes sense for your budget. Yes it looks pretty cool, but these watches don’t seem like the type that you would want to wear everyday.

Quick Look

  • Lunar theme based on an actual planet
  • very cool “mini planetarium” style luminosity
  • Seiko VH31 movement
  • Hesalite dial window
  • Horween leather strap
  • water resistant 50 meters
  • only 1,969 of each color were produced

Xeric Watches Review: The Verdict

So what are my final thoughts on Xeric watches? They clearly have some incredible looking pieces, but in my opinion, it seems like the novelty would wear off pretty quickly.

We are talking about spending a good little bit of money here. To me it seems like too much money to spend on a watch that is cool to look at, but that I’ll probably never wear.

Now for those of you that truly appreciate the art form of these watches, if you have the means to get it, then go ahead and give them a try. I love the designs, but I’m going to have to pass on this one.

And that’s the end of our Xeric Watches review. If you enjoyed this review, then you can check out some more of our individual watches and watch brand reviews here.

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