Agelocer Watches Review: Wow These Are Different!

In this Agelocer Watches review, we will be taking a look at an obscure brand that most people have never even heard of. There is not a whole lot of solid information about this brand out there, which is why we have done a bit of research to get more information about this brand.

I’m sure you are probably wondering if Agelocer watches are quality watches. They are not cheap, so it would definitely be prudent to find out what you are paying for before you buy. So to start off, what do we know about this brand?

About Agelocer Watches

What little information I could find about Agelocer watches is the claim that it is a Swiss made brand. However, the watches do not appear to be produced in Switzerland. It appears that these watches are actually manufactured in China, but utilize Swiss movements. That’s close enough I suppose.

Some believe Agelocer to be part of a mushroom brand along with the brands Reef Tiger, Benyar, and Pagani design. Unfortunately, none of the information about the manufacturing of Agelocer watches or it’s possible affiliation to the aforementioned watch brands can be confirmed for certain.

So it looks like Agelocer is already on shaky ground, as there is very little verifiable information about this brand. Ok, well what about the watches themselves? That’s the part that really matters. Are they any good? Let’s find out!

Agelocer Watches Review

In this section, we are going to take a look at the movement, construction, design, and pricing of Agelocer watches to see if they are quality watches or not.


As far as movement goes, the majority of Agelocer watches use mechanical movement. These are going to be automatic, self-winding movements. We can assume that this is where the Swiss movements come into play. The watches with automatic movements typically will have a power reserve of about 42 hours when not in use.

There are, however, some versions that utilize battery powered quartz movements as well. So if you do plan on buying one, you would need to check the description to see exactly what type of movement is being used in your particular version.

Overall though, they function quite well, and the movements themselves are reliable.


Now let’s take a look at the materials used in these watches. First off, Agelocer watches feature an analog display. The watch cases will be made of stainless steel. The bands to these watches will be either leather or stainless steel.

A lot of times you can choose between different versions of the same watch, with some containing leather bands, and others with the stainless steel bands.

The dial windows are made of scratch resistant synthetic sapphire, which is a common material used in luxury watch windows. As for water resistance, they are rated for 50 meters. However, these are definitely not the type of watches you should go swimming with!


This is the area where Agelocer watches really stand out. Some of these watches possess absolutely stunning designs! These striking designs are guaranteed to turn heads and make for some great conversation starters!

As a matter of fact, both Agelocer’s Big Bang, and Moon Phase watches won a place in the London Design awards of 2020. This success is owed in part to the co-designer of their Big Bang watch, Luca Portman.

Luca Portman is an Australian designer with over 20 years of experience. He has worked in several different industries including home décor, automobiles, and electronics. It was in 2018, that he joined Agelocer to help with their design team.

So when it comes to design, Agelocer knocks it out of the park! What about pricing though? That’s what we will cover next.


This is a luxury watch brand, and as such, they can get pretty expensive. You will find Agelocer watches in prices ranging from median pricing all the way up to full on luxury watch prices!

While these watches are sold at premium prices, they are not anywhere near as expensive as the likes of Rolex or Cartier watches. And this is exactly what you would expect from an entry level luxury brand.

So with that being said, let’s take a closer look at one of their more popular selections.

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Agelocer Watches Review: Moon Phase

In this part, we will do a brief overview of their popular Moon Phase watch. This is one of the designs featured in the 2020 London Design Awards.

This is a nice looking dress watch. The lunar theme looks good, and stands out, without being too flashy. This is one of the more tame designs by Agelocer. It does feature the exhibition case back, allowing you to see all of the inner workings of the watch.

It is an analog watch that uses automatic, mechanical movement. The case is made of stainless steel with a synthetic sapphire dial window. It has a leather band. Lastly, you get an 80 hour power reserve when not in use.

Being a dress watch, you probably shouldn’t wear it while participating in sporting activities. It does, however, have a water resistance of 50 meters, so it should be fine for splashes, and rain.

I will say that while this is definitely a cool looking watch, but in my opinion it is a little bland compared to some of Agelocer’s other more extravagant designs. But that’s just my opinion!

Agelocer Watches Review: Quick Summary

Let’s take a look at what we have learned so far.

  • quality materials
  • stunning designs
  • well functioning
    • uncertainty about the manufacturing of these “Swiss watches

So Is Agelocer A Good Watch Brand?

Well from what I have seen, Agelocer appears to be a quality product. Many people may be hesitant to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on an unknown brand, but Alegocer watches do receive consistently positive reviews. The main point of contention users have with these watches, are the unsubstantiated claims of being true “Swiss” watches.

It is understandable that people would be put off by a company if it is indeed misrepresenting their products. However, none of this is proven one way or another. If you can look past the rumors and speculation, you will fins that the product itself seems to be pretty legit. Once again, most users report that they are pleased with the actual quality and function of these watches.

With such incredible and unique designs, I would say that if you have the budget for it, then go for it. If you are looking for true verifiably Swiss watches, however, then these watches may not be for you.

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  2. Agelocer is a brand based in China. Since Agelocer’s main marketing position has always been in China and has not conducted marketing overseas, many false statements are privately released by Agelocer’s agents and distributors.


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