Casio W86 Review: Why Is This Watch So Popular?

In this article we will be doing a short Casio W86 review to find out what makes this watch so great. This particular model is pretty popular and has been gaining in popularity. It is often touted as being the successor to the Casio F91W.

So in order to better understand what it is exactly about this watch that makes it so appealing, we will need to take a closer look at its design, features, and price. But first, we will examine the technical details of this Casio watch.


First things first, this is a quartz watch featuring a digital display. Both the case and band are made of resin. Its dial window is acrylic. You do need to be careful with acrylic, as it is fairly easy to scratch.

Moving on, the case measures 38 millimeters in diameter, and 20 millimeters in thickness, while the band is 20 millimeters wide. So this watch has a pretty small profile, and would be an especially good choice for someone with a smaller wrist, as they would be able to get a much more secure fit.

Now that we’ve covered that part, it’s time to take a closer look at the design and features of this watch.

Specs Quick View

  • Case: 38mm in diameter, 20mm thick, resin
  • Band: 20mm wide, resin
  • Dial Window: acrylic

Casio W86 Review


The Casio W86 has a retro design made in the style the of old-school Casio watches that were popular during the 80’s and 90’s. This style will appeal to older fans of Casio watches who enjoyed this style back then. Additionally, this retro look can acquire younger audiences as well, who were not already familiar with this style. This is because the design, while similar to the old one, is a bit more modernized.

The W86 is all black. It’s case has a more angular, square appearance to it. It’s digital display is sandwiched in between the green text which describes it as an “electro luminescence illuminator”.

The button placement is pretty standard, with the light and mode buttons positioned on the right side of the case, while the start/stop button is on the left. The strap is what you would expect. It is a standard resin strap with grooves in it for air flow, which gives your wrist some room to breath.


Being a Casio watch, you already know that this watch will be pretty durable, and will not break easily. It is water resistant 50 meters, so you can swim and shower with it just fine. Snorkeling or diving with it, however, is not recommended. It also has an automatic calendar. Finally, the battery life will last up to 7 years before you would need to replace it.

As far as the rest of the features go, the Casio W86 contains only the most basic features. The bottom right button is the mode button, which, when pressed, will allow you to cycle through the settings. You can set an alarm, daily alarm, a stopwatch, and set the time. The button on the left can be used to start or stop the stopwatch. Nothing really new here.

Finally, there’s the lighting. This feature is one of its more popular features, especially when compared to the F91W. Its light is exceptionally bright. Not super bright, but bright enough to where you won’t have to squint, or put any effort into seeing it in the dark.


While the Casio W86 will cost more than other similarly styled Casio watches, it is by no means expensive at all. Once again, comparing it to the F91W, it is more expensive than that model, but the F91W had bargain bin pricing. That was no doubt part of the appeal of the F91W.

So yes the Casio W86 is more expensive than some of Casio’s other retro style watches, but remember that the look is slightly updated, and the backlighting is much better. You have to keep those factors in mind.

Casio W86 Review: Quick Summary

  • small, slim fit
  • updated retro style design
  • excellent backlight
  • water resistant 50 meters
    • acrylic window is prone to scratches
    • more expensive than most of Casio’s other retro style watches

Casio W86 Final Thoughts

Wrapping things up, I will sat that the Casio W86 is a great modernized retro style watch with an excellent backlight. If it appeals to you, then you should definitely look into purchasing one. It is not very expensive.

If however, you want something very similar, but even less expensive, Casio offers plenty of similarly styled watches at competitive prices.

And that concludes our brief look at the Casio W86. If you enjoyed this and want to see some of our other reviews, you can check them out here.

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