Invicta Vs Seiko: Which Makes The Better Dive Watch?

In today’s comparison, we will be looking at Invicta vs Seiko watches. These two brands are best known for their dive watches. So when we are comparing these two brands, the focal point of the comparisons will be on their dive watches.

Dive watches have have been especially popular ever since Rolex brought the style of the Submariner to the forefront of cultural appeal. That watch in particular, has inspired many copycats and imitators. This of course, includes both Invicta and Seiko, as they have their own Submariner lookalikes.

Anyway, when comparing Invicta to Seiko diving watches, there are some key points to look at. That is, the background of the brand itself, the build quality, and the pricing. Those are the main points to look at, and thus those are the areas that we will be covering in this article. To start things off, we’ll get you a little more familiar with these brands.

About Invicta And Seiko


Invicta was originally founded as a Swiss watch brand as far back as the mid 1800s. However, when quartz watches came onto the scene, Invicta, like many other mechanical watch brands, lost its momentum. However, in 1991, the brand was bought out by an American company. This is the Invicta we know today.

These days, Invicta is known as one of those “affordable luxury watch brands”. This is not to say that they are an actual luxury watch brand, because they are not. Rather it is that their watches tend to resemble luxury watches, but are priced at a fraction of the cost of a true luxury watch.

As for the production of their watches, Invicta outsources most of their components to third party manufacturers. In fact, some Invicta watches, including their Pro Diver, use Seiko watch movements.


Seiko is a popular Japanese watch manufacturer that has also been around since the 1800s. It is one of the most widely recognized watch brands in the industry. Originally, the brand was known as “Seikosha”, but was later changed to Seiko. The name change was due in part to superstitious beliefs following the Great Kanto earthquake, which caused the destruction of both its factory and its main headquarters.

Seiko is known for its many achievements in watchmaking history. These achievements include spring drive technology, as well as the creation of the world’s first kinetic watch. Most notably though, Seiko created the world’s first quartz watch, which forever altered the watch industry.

Seiko produces all of their watches in Japan. All of the movements in their watches, are produced in house, so there is no outsourcing going on there.

Verdict On Brand Comparisons

I think it’s pretty clear here who the winner is. Seiko has historically been incredibly innovative. Even Invicta borrows Seiko movements for some of its watches! This one is a no brainer.

Winner: Seiko

Now that we’ve learned a bit about the two brands, let’s take a look at the watches themselves.

Invicta Vs Seiko: Build Quality

We’ll begin by looking at the composition of the watches.


Invicta diving watches are analog and use stainless steel cases. The dial windows will be mineral crystal, sapphire, or Invicta’s own “Flame Fusion” version of mineral. The watch bands will usually be stainless steel, or polyurethane.

Invicta diving watches also feature unidirectional rotating bezels, as well as luminous hands and markers, both of which are important in divers watches. Finally, for water resistance, Invicta’s divers are suitable for depths from 330 feet to 990 feet, depending on the make and model.


Seiko divers are also analog watches that use stainless steel cases. Their dial windows are made of Seiko’s proprietary hardlex crystal. The watch bands will be stainless steel, rubber, polyurethane or silicone.

Seiko’s divers additionally feature unidirectional rotating bezels, as well as luminous hands and markers. These Seiko watches are typically water resistant from a depth of 330 to 660 feet.

Verdict On Build Quality

Both Invicta and Seiko watches are matched pretty evenly here. They both have the features you would expect to see in a diving watch. Both of them use materials that are good for diving. Both of them have suitable water resistance. And finally both if them use their own respective versions of hardened mineral crystal glass windows.

Winner: Draw

Next let’s look at the pricing structure of these two brands.

Invicta Vs Seiko: Pricing

Both Invicta and Seiko are known as being pretty affordable brands. This is true, however, you will find that these brands are not entirely priced equally. Invicta diving watches are consistently priced lower than Seiko diving watches.

Although it is true that you can find Seiko or Invicta watches within the same price range as Seiko, or you can find Invicta watches more expensive than Seiko, the majority of the time, the Seiko watches will be more expensive.

Check Invicta Prices On Amazon

Check Seiko Prices On Amazon

Winner: Invicta

So what can conclusion can we come to from comparing these two great watch brands?

Invicta Vs Seiko: Final Verdict

Based on the information gathered here, Seiko would be the better brand overall. Their watches have a long history of innovation, and are known to produce quality movements. The fact that Invicta themselves use Seiko movements in some of their watches, only serves to further validate this statement.

You can’t count Invicta out though, because their diving watches provide a similar level of quality, but at an even more affordable price. If you want the cheaper diving watches that still maintain a fair degree of quality, then you would want to look at Invicta watches.

Take A Look At Invicta Selections

Take A Look At Seiko Selections

That pretty much concludes today’s comparison. remember that what it ultimately comes down to is personal preference and need. At the end of the day, the information in this comparison should be used as a guide. If you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for, then I hope this article has been helpful.

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