Skmei Vs Casio: Is This A Casio Killer?

Today, we’ll be looking at another watch brand comparison. This time it will be Skmei vs Casio. A lot of people like to compare other watch brands against the Casio brand.

Casio is a well established brand, and stands as a giant in the watch industry. They are known for both their quality and affordability. It is for this reason that other similar brands are often compared to Casio, as Casio sets a definitive standard as far as watches are concerned.

In this article we will be examining several factors between both watches and comparing them. By looking at the build quality, design, and pricing, we should be able to determine whether or not Skmei is a worthy competitor to Casio.

To start, I will give you a brief background on both watch brands.

About Skmei And Casio Brands


Skmei is a Chinese watch company that first came onto the scene in 2010. It is easy to see why people would want to draw comparisons between Skmei and Casio. Skmei first gained notoriety for producing cheaper alternatives to Casio’s popular G- Shock line of watches.

Despite these beginnings, Skmei has branched off and formed their own unique identity as a company. They produce all types of watches from digital, to chronograph, dress watches and even smartwatches. They do this while continually maintaining the low prices that they are known for.


Casio stands as a behemoth in the watch industry. They are a well known brand, with a reputation for producing quality watches at an affordable price. This is why people always like to draw comparisons between Casio and their imitators.

Casio’s most popular watch is their G-Shock line which gained a huge following due to their legendary “indestructability” and low pricing. Aside from G- Shocks though, Casio produces watches that vary in form and function, and even watches that offer specializations unique to their environment.

Well, we know from the background of these brands that Casio is the brand to beat. Can Skmei watches match or beat Casio on any level? Read on to find out!

Skmei Vs. Casio: Build Quality

We will begin by looking at the typical build structure of the two brands.


Skmei makes both analog, and digital display watches. Their watch cases are made of materials such as plastic polymers, silicone rubber, or zinc alloys. The bands on Skmei watches are made of polyurethane plastic, rubber, synthetic leather, or stainless steel, depending on the make and model.

The dial windows are usually going to be glass, resin, or tried and true mineral crystal. As for water resistance, Skmei watches are usually water resistant for between 30 to 50 meters. They will handle light splashes and wetness, but you wouldn’t wan to take them swimming and such.


Casio is renown for the durability of their watches, as evidenced by their ever popular G-Shock line. Depending on what Casio watch line or model you are looking at, you will find watch cases made of resin, stainless steel, or even plastic. Their watch bands, likewise can be made of stainless steel, plastic, or rubber.

Casio’s dial windows are predominantly mineral crystal, although you can find some that are made of plastic. The water resistance of their watches can be as little as 30 meters, all the way on up to 200 meters.

Verdict On Build Quality

It looks like Casio takes the victory here, as they tend to have better quality builds, as well as a higher water resistance on average.

Winner: Casio

Skmei Vs Casio: Style

Next, let’s look at what each brand brings in terms of fashion and style.


Skmei produces different watch styles ranging from generic, to casual, sport, and even dress watches as well as smartwatches. In addition to those, however, they also have watches that possess unique looks which differ from the norm.

While Skmei does stick to the basic tried and true formulas for the majority of their watches, they do stand out from the crowd with some of these interesting design choices found in certain models of their watches.


Casio sticks to the basics with their watch designs. Like Skmei, they do have sports styles, casual, and dress watches, using digital or analog displays. However, Casio puts a premium on function over form.

Casio makes watches for more specialized usage. Let’s use Casio’s G-Shock, and Protrek watches as an example. Even though they are both extremely durable watches, Protrek has more specialized outdoor features, while G-Shocks are more of an all around good utility watch.

Verdict On Style

Both brands have a variety of styles. Casio may be the more popular brand of the two, but you cannot deny the fact that Skmei has a lot of good designs.

As far as style goes, they both have the styles you would expect to see your typical watch brand, but Skmei steps outside the box, and gives us some cool and unique styles in addition to that.

Winner: Skmei

Skmei Vs Casio: Pricing

This is a tough one, as both watch brands are known for being incredibly inexpensive. Both brands, also have fluctuations in prices depending on what particular model you are looking at.

Ultimately though, when comparing the prices of Skmei watches vs Casio watches, you will find that Skmei consistently has bargain bin priced watches. This is true among all of their watch lines. On average, Skmei watches are usually gong to be priced lower than their equivalent competitors.

Casio does have bargain bin watches as well, but, they also have watches that are considerably more expensive. Skmei, on the other hand, stays in the budget range for the most part.

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Winner: Skmei

Final Conclusion

While this is by no means an in depth guide to every single detail and facet of these watches, from the factors we have looked at, we have found that Skmei offers consistently low prices, as well as some unique and interesting designs.

So if you are looking for fashion at a bargain, then Skmei has that covered. If, however you want more specialized utility watches, or higher quality and more durable watches, then Casio is the brand for that.

Now I realize that some may argue that Casio is most definitely better, because of better quality, but I would argue, that when looking at watches this cheap, Skmei holds up pretty well as far as the longevity of their watches goes.

Ultimately, what it comes down to when choosing brands, is what you are looking for in a watch. This just serves as a guide to provide information that will help you to make an informed decision.

And that wraps up our Skmei Vs Casio comparison! If you enjoyed this comparison, you can take a look at some of our other versus articles here

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