Tonnier Watches Review: Highly Rated, Underappreciated

In this article we will be looking at Tonnier watches. Here at Wristweargear, we love looking at watches that fly under the radar. A lot of times it is watches or watch brands that people don’t know about that offer incredible value. These kinds of watches are often overlooked because they are not a big name brand, or a brand that everyone is familiar with.

The interesting thing is, there are times when these watches offer just as much style and function as the more popular brands, but at a much cheaper price. This is one of the reasons we like to take a detailed look at some of the more obscure brands.

We like to provide information on these brands that may be hard to come by. That way, if you are thinking about purchasing such a brand, you can at least get a little more information about the product first.

Tonnier watches definitely fall into the category of overlooked watches. So are Tonnier watches a hidden gem? That is what we are here to find out today! We will be taking a closer look at the build quality, design, and pricing of these watches to see if they are, in fact, a reliable brand.

First, let’s gather some information about the brand.

About Tonnier Watches

What do we know about Tonnier watches? These watches came onto the scene around 2016. They provided a more minimal, yet stylish look at very affordable pricing.

Tonnier makes analog, digital, and ana-digital watches. They have watches for men, women, unisex watches, as well as kids watches. Styles range from casual, dress, sport, and even smartwatches. They have something for everyone.

So are these watches any good? The first thing we need to look at is the build quality.

Build Quality

The cases can be made of plastic polymers, stainless steel, or other metal alloys typically found in cheaper watches. Their bands also can range in materials such as stainless steel, polyurethane, nylon, and even leather in some instances.

Dial windows are made of glass, plexiglass, or mineral crystal. They don’t typically offer much in the way of water resistance, usually coming in with a resistance of 30 meters, but some up to 50 meters. So these watches shouldn’t be worn in the water.

Overall, there’s nothing too spectacular to note about the build quality of Tonnier watches. You really can’t expect too much from budget watches and these don’t bring anything new to the table. Neither are they any less capable than any other budget watches.

Now let’s move on to the designs.


I had already previously stated that Tonnier watches stick with more minimalist designs. This holds true for the majority of their watches. Despite this, these watches still have their own appeal.

Specifically, some of the color combinations are pretty slick, as many of their watches come in different color options. And even though their watches are simple in design for the most part, their ana-digi watches are unique in their own right.

As far as designs go, Tonnier takes a pretty standard approach. The designs are not flamboyant or extravagant, and they don’t try to pose as luxury styled watches. Tonnier has a more low profile style to them.

Next, I have been saying that these are budget watches. We’re going to get into that part next.


I keep mentioning that these are inexpensive watches. So how inexpensive are they exactly? Well Tonnier watches inhabit the lowest tier of pricing in watches. This means that they are about as cheap as it gets! Even their smartwatches are comparatively inexpensive.

Now a lot of people are hesitant to buy cheap watches, and equate cheap with “bad”, but this is not always the case. Yes the more inexpensive the watch, the lower the quality of materials used, but inexpensive watches can still last you quite a while, if taken care of.

And lastly, whenever they do inevitably wear down, or stop working, you can just buy another one without thinking much of it.

Check Tonnier Watch Prices On Amazon

If you are thinking about purchasing a Tonnier watch and don’t know where to start, we’ll list a couple of recommendations to get you started.

Tonnier Watches: Recommendations

Tonnier W8479G

This model has a simplified yet sophisticated appearance. It is very slim and low profile. Would definitely make a good dress watch for business or formal occasions. Comes in several different color combinations.

This is an analog watch that uses Japanese quartz movement. The interesting thing about this watch is that it has no seconds hand, just the hour and minute hands. This adds to the minimalistic style of the watch.

It is water resistant 30 meters, which will protect it from minor wetness, but not recommended for swimming or bathing. Other than that, no real special features on this one, just simple and elegant.

Quick Look

  • simple, elegant design
  • minimalist style, no seconds hand’
  • water resistant 30 meters

Tonnier Men’s Weekender

If you couldn’t tell by the name, this is Tonnier’s version of the Timex Weekender. It has a simple watch face and comes with a fabric band. This one also comes in multiple color palettes.

Tonnier’s Weekender is analog and uses quartz movement. It features a day/date window. This one does have luminous hands and markers, although users reported that the luminosity is not very bright.

Lastly it is also only water resistant 30 meters, so do not wear it while swimming or bathing.

Quick Look

  • Homage to the Timex Weekender
  • day/date window
  • luminous hands and markers
  • water resistant 30 meters
    • users report limited visibility of its luminosity

Final Thoughts On Tonnier Watches

I will conclude this by giving my final opinion on Tonnier watches. Overall, Tonnier watches do offer a good value for the price. These watches aren’t extraordinary by any means, but they get consistently high ratings in reviews, function well, and have a subtle sense of style.

All of these things are great and all, but if I were looking at bargain bin, cheap watches, personally, I would recommend Lige watches, which we have previously reviewed. Lige watches are in the same class of cheap watches as Tonnier, but possess an impeccable sense of style. In fact, Lige are some of the best looking budget watches I have seen!

Well that wraps up our review. If you enjoyed this article, and want to see more like it, then you can check out more of our reviews here.

Happy shopping!

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