Is Tissot A Luxury Brand? Well, Sort Of…

One common question that often comes up about Tissot is whether or not it would be considered a luxury brand. The simple answer is that yes, Tissot could be considered a luxury brand. In fact, it would be a luxury Swiss made brand, which makes it all the more special (more on that later).

The one thing about it, and the reason why people ask this question about Tissot, is because although it is technically a luxury brand, it would be considered an “entry level luxury” brand. Or more specifically, an entry level Swiss luxury brand.

Now we have a whole article that defines luxury watches, but we will give a more brief description here. Basically a luxury watch is a watch that is made with special care and attention, usually possessing high quality movements, and made from high grade materials. So on that note, yes Tissot fits the description.

Swiss manufacturers are most known for producing some of the highest grade watches in existence. They have a long storied history of fine crafting with their timepieces. So much so, in fact, that their are special requirements a watch has to meet to be certified as an official Swiss made watch.

The thing about Swiss luxury watches is that they tend to be prohibitively expensive. Luxury watch prices are usually too high for casual wearers, and therefore reserved strictly for enthusiasts or those who have bigger budgets. However, as an entry level luxury watch, Tissot watches can be purchased for much lower prices than the typical high end luxury watch.

So now that we know that Tissot is technically a luxury brand, let’s take a look at it in terms of build quality, design, and pricing.

The Luxury Aspects Of Tissot Watches

tissot luxury aspects

Build Quality

We know that luxury watches have more superior builds when compared to average watches, so how does Tissot fare in terms of build quality?

Tissot manufactures mechanical, quartz, digital, and smartwatches. Typically though, mechanical watches are a staple of true luxury watches. This is because mechanical watches are revered for their craftsmanship.

Tissot’s mechanical watches can have cases made of stainless steel, gold plated, or titanium. While stainless steel is common in many watch cases, gold plated and titanium are mostly seen in higher end watches.

Additionally, Tissot’s watches have sapphire dial windows. Once again, sapphire dial windows are pretty much mandatory for high end or luxury watches. As far as movements go, many of Tissot’s mechanical watches use an ETA based movement called the Powermatic 80.

The water resistance in Tissot watches on average can range from 30 to 100 meters. The higher water resistance is most often going to be found in their diving style watches. Diving watches are a common style in luxury watches, made popular by Rolex.

And style is the next thing we will get into.

Design & Style

Luxury watches are going to be stylish and elegant. Once again, Tissot succeeds in this area as well. We already mentioned that they have diving styled watches. Additionally there are going to be chronographs, minimalist, dress, and business casual styles.

Now it is true that there are much cheaper luxury alternatives that mimic these types of styles. So if you just want the styles, without the high price tag, that would be the way to go. Of course the difference is that most luxury alternatives will not be made to the same quality as a true luxury watch.

Speaking of pricing, that’s the last point we will discuss about Tissot watches.


As I have alluded to earlier, the pricing of Tissot watches can be surprisingly affordable. All of Tissot’s watches would be in the mid price ranges.

Now depending on the model that price can fluctuate from mid low to mid high. All in all though, this is a very inexpensive watch brand for the price.

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And on that note, if you are, in fact, looking to purchase a Tissot watch, we do have a couple of recommendations!

Tissot Watches: Recommendations

T-Race Chrono

This is one of Tissot’s flashier sports chronographs. Chronographs have always been a popular choice in watches. This one has a black dial and bezel paired with a red silicone band.

This is a Swiss quartz watch with an analog display. The case is stainless steel with a PVD coating. The dial window is sapphire. It is water resistant 100 meters, so you can take it swimming and showering, but not recommended for diving.

Quick Look

  • chronograph style
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • PVD coated case
  • water resistant 100 meters

Tissot Men’s Le Locle

This one is simple and elegant. Has a white dial with roman numeral markings, and a black leather band. There is also a date window at the 3 o’clock mark. Additionally, has a stylish see through case back. Great for business and formal gatherings.

It has an analog display and is powered by Swiss automatic movement. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, and the dial window is sapphire. It is only water resistant 30 meters, so it can handle small amounts of water, but not recommended for swimming. Has a an 80 hour power reserve.

Quick Look

  • simple, casual design
  • Swiss automatic movement
  • date window
  • 80 hour power reserve
  • water resistant 30 meters

Final Conclusion

So in conclusion, it is our opinion that Tissot is a luxury watch brand. Now some would argue that it is not a “true luxury watch”. There are purists who consider entry level luxury watches to be in the same category as normal watches.

To these types, only high end watches with custom in house movements would be considered a real luxury watch. Howeve, just being super expensive does not guarantee that a watch will be a luxury watch. Though the answer can be a bit subjective, we feel that Tissot watches have the makings of a luxury brand.

And that concludes our look into the luxury aspect of Tissot watches. If you enjoyed this, then you can learn more about different watch brands or individual watches here

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