Tissot Vs Longines – Entry Level Vs Mid Level Swiss!

In today’s comparison article, we will be looking at the two Swiss watch brands Tissot Vs Longines. Once again, we are covering two Swiss luxury watch brands. Swiss watches are known to be some of the highest quality watches you can buy, But not all Swiss watches are created equal. Hence, why we have such comparisons.

Tissot is known more as an entry level Swiss luxury brand. This means that you get a high quality Swiss watch, but at much lower prices than some of the bigger brands such as Rolex or Patek Phillipe. Longines, on the other hand, is about halfway between. This makes them more of a mid level Swiss brand.

So, which one is better? Well, to find out, we can start by comparing several key factors. Namely, the build quality, design, and pricing. A good watch brand is usually going to have, good quality watches, with great designs, at reasonable prices.

Of course, when it comes to Swiss luxury watches the prices will tend to run high. Anyway, before we begin our comparison, let’s delve into a little more on the backgrounds behind these brands.

About The Brands


Formed in 1853, this family owned Swiss watchmaking business started gaining popularity around the 1920’s and 30’s. Throughout the years, they have made great strides in the community.

They have been featured as the official timekeeper in various sporting championships such as fencing, hockey, and cycling. Not only that, but they have contributed greatly to the industry as a whole.

Tissot released the first multi functional tactile watch, as well as the first anti magnetic watch. Throughout their history, they have established the brand as a dominant name in the industry, and will no doubt continue to be a major player for many years to come.


Longines, formed in 1832, is the oldest registered watch manufacturer in history to date. They achieved this by registering with Federal Office of Intellectual Property way back in 1889.

Longines has been innovative throughout its history. They released the first automatic winding movement seen in a wristwatch with their calibre 22a movement. Additionally, Longines also manufactured the world’s thinnest electrotechnical movement for its time.

Finally, Longines also serves as the official timekeeper in various sporting events. So, as you can clearly see, Longines in no slouch either!

Now that we’ve gotten past the introductions, let’s dive into the comparisons! We will begin by looking at the differences in build quality between these two brands.

Tissot Vs Longines: Build Quality

tissot vs longines build quality


You’ll find quartz, mechanical, and even smartwatches among Tissot’s collections. A lot of their mechanical watches utilize the Powermatic 80 movement. As far as the cases go, they are usually made of stainless steel. You will, however, also come across gold or titanium cases as well. The dial windows are usually made of sapphire crystal.

Water resistance in Tissot watches mostly ranges from 30 to 100 meters of resistance. You will come across models with more though, such as their Seastar series, which has models ranging from 300 to 600 meters of resistance.


Longines produces mechanical and quartz analog watches. They mostly use ETA movements in their watches. Their watch cases are stainless steel, and the dial windows are sapphire crystal.

Water resistance among Longines watches ranges from 30 meters up to 300 meters of resistance, varying by model.

Additionally, Longines is confident enough in their quality that they keep records of each and every watch produced. Every Longines watch will have a unique serial number. This will ensure that you are receiving an authentic product.

Verdict on Build Quality

Both of these brands have a pretty comparable build. Longines may be a bit more refined, though, when it comes to build quality. Next, we’ll look at the design and styling between these brands.

Tissot Vs Longines: Design & Style

tissot vs longines design


Despite being an entry level Swiss brand, Tissot still maintains the same premium look as the more high end brands.

They have most all of the styles that you would expect to see in a luxury watch brand. You will find chronographs, divers, casual, and dress watches. Some of their watches have a sportier more contemporary look though, which spices things up a bit.


Longines, as well, follows the tried and true formula when it comes to luxury style. They also have the sports watches, casual, diving, and formal designs.

For the most part, Longines keeps it old school with their designs. These are going to appeal to mostly to fans of traditional luxury watch styles.

Verdict on Design & Style

Once again, these brands are pretty close when it comes to design and style. They both stick to the basics when it comes to luxury watch design. Ultimately though, Tissot has a slightly fresher take on this formula. Lastly, we can look at the pricing differences between the two.

Tissot Vs Longines: Pricing

tissot vs longines price

When it comes to pricing, luxury Swiss watches are known to be extraordinarily expensive. Luckily, that is not the case with these brands. There are going to be the obvious fluctuations in prices, depending on what model you are looking at from either brand. Some are going to be more or less expensive than others.

Tissot, being a more entry level Swiss luxury brand, is priced more in the mid range. Longines’ prices are mid to high. It is quite clear that the prices of Tissot watches are going to be much lower on average, than those of Longines.

Check Tissot Prices on Amazon

Check Longines Prices on Amazon

So now, what is the final verdict on this comparison? Which brand, between Tissot and Longines, is better overall?

Final Verdict

Based on the factors we’ve observed in this comparison, Tissot possesses the more contemporary styles, and is a much more affordable option when it comes to Swiss luxury watches.

Longines, however holds true to traditional luxury fashion and quality. Ultimately though, both brands will be able to adequately satisfy any fans and newcomers alike to the world of Swiss luxury watches!

That concludes this comparison. For more like it you can check out our Vs section here

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