Smael Watches Review: Are They Any Good?

In this Smael watches review, we will be taking a closer look at the Smael watch brand. Maybe you already know about Smael watches, or perhaps you have heard of them, and are trying to figure whether or not they are worth a purchase. Well we are here to help you with that task!

Most Smael watches are similar and have very much the same features. That being said, in order to determine whether or not Smael watches are any good, we would first need to look at what Smael watches are, and what their features are.

What is a Smael Watch?

First things first, we will talk about what a Smael watch actually is. Smael watches are a very inexpensive Chinese brand military style watch. Smael watches would be comparable to watches such as G-Shock or Luminox. They have an obvious similarity in design to G-Shock watches. The difference here, being that Smael watches are far cheaper than those other brands.

Smael Watches Review

So since Smael watches are much cheaper, does that mean that they are less efficient or more prone to wear and tear? For the most part, I would say that you are getting a very good value for the price. Smael watches are built with a sturdy construction, and they are water resistant. These may not be as durable as say G-Shock, but they will not break easily. They are, in fact, good for outdoor and sporting activities.


Smael watches come in many different color variations. Additionally, they have both men’s and women’s watches.

Smael watches tend to have both an analog and digital display. They use quartz movement. They are water resistant to a depth of 165 feet. These watches are made of plastic, have an acrylic glass window, and a resin band.

Smael watches contain backlights, and luminous hands which allow you to see it in the dark. Additional features include timer, stopwatch, alarm, and date displays. So overall, the functions are pretty basic, and what you would expect from military style watches.


These watches are extremely affordable. This is a bargain bin watch. It really doesn’t get much cheaper than this when it comes to these rugged or military style watches.

No doubt this watch can fit just about any budget imaginable. So if you are on a tight budget, and looking for an entry level durable watch, you will be hard pressed to find a deal like this. This or a Fanmis watch are some of the few watches of this caliber in this very low price range.

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There are some minor gripes, however about these types of watches. One major complaint about these watches is the size. Smael watches tend to be larger than average. They are not huge by any means, just bigger than what some people are comfortable with.

The second major issue people have with this watch is the process of changing the battery. The battery is not easy to get to, many times requiring the services of a professional. On that note though, given how inexpensive these watches are, it would be just as well to buy another one by the time the battery does run out. You should get at least a couple of years of battery life out of the average Smael watch.

Next, we will be looking at some of our top picks in Smael watches!

Smael Watches Review: Top Picks For Men And Women

While Smael watches are extremely similar for the most part, we have come up with top recommendations for both men and women. These are our top picks for the best Smael watch!

Top Pick For Men

Smael Men’s Sport Watch

This Smael watch is black, made of plastic, with a resin band. The window is an acrylic glass window. It features both an analog and digital display, and uses quartz movement. The men’s version is has a case diameter of 50 mm, and is 19mm thick. The band width is 22mm.

The standard features are here. It has luminous hands, as well as a backlight for visibility in the dark. It is water resistant to a depth of 165 feet. You will also get a stopwatch, alarm clock, time and date. Additionally, you have the option to switch over to military time with the touch of a button.

Top Pick For Women

SMAEL Women’s Sport Wrist Watch

This women’s Smael watch comes in a variety of colors. The case is made of plastic, while the band is rubber. It also has an acrylic glass window, as well as both a digital and analog display using quart movement. The women’s version has a case diameter of 38mm, and is 15.5mm thick. The band is 18mm wide.

This Smael watch contains the same features: time, date, stopwatch, backlight, luminous hands, and a water resistance to a depth of 165 feet. Switching to military time on this one requires multiple button presses.

Smael Watches Review: Are Smael Watches Any Good?

Smael watches are a great entry level durable watch. They are extremely cheap, and thus very little risk in buying one. They probably won’t last as long as you G-Shocks, or Luminox watches, but once again, these are incredibly affordable.

I would get one if you are looking for a sturdy watch to take on your outdoor or sporting activities. There’s really nothing terribly bad about these watches. Now if you want something that will last many years, then I would probably go with a G-Shock.

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