Armitron Vs Timex: 2 Classic American Brands!

In today’s comparison, we will be looking at the Armitron Vs Timex watch brands. These are both American watch manufacturers that have been around for a long time. While these brands may not reach the same level of popularity as say, Casio or Rolex, they still have their own unique appeal and charm.

With all that being said, when looking at these two brands, you probably want to know which one is better. After all, there has to be a clear winner, right? Well in order to determine the superior brand, we have to look at a few factors, and see how they compare between the brands.

The main factors we are looking at today are the overall build quality, design & style, and pricing of these brands. The better a brand is at balancing these factors, the better the brand is in the long run. Before we get started on those comparisons though, let’s get more acquainted with these two watch brands.

About Armitron And Timex


Armitron has been around since 1956. They produce a variety of watch types from quartz, to digital, and even mechanical watches. While originally they used LED displays in their digital watches, they eventually switched over to the much more practical LCD displays.

When Armitron digital watches first debuted, they were advertised as having “5 function features”. What this meant is that they displayed 5 different things: hours, seconds, minutes, days, and dates.

Armitron is often sometimes compared to Casio, because a lot of their watch types contain apparent similarities to similar Casio styles. One glaring example of this is Armitron’s Sport watches, which display an uncanny resemblance to Casio’s G-Shock line of watches.

Ultimately, though, Armitron stands on its own as a force to be reckoned with in the watch industry. They have even captured the public eye with endorsements from famous sports stars, to being the official timekeeper for a prominent baseball team.


Timex has been around quite a bit longer, as it began in 1854. In the early days, the company has gone by different names as it had been bought out and changed hands several times. Before they focused their efforts on watches, they were producing various other timepieces such as clocks and pocket watches.

The company went through ups and downs throughout the years as it produced watches and other products. Finally, by the 1980’s, Timex began to focus more specifically on manufacturing wristwatches. This was around the time that their digital watches started to become extremely popular.

Timex has had some popular models over the years such as their easy readers. But ultimately, it was their introduction of sports watches into the market that truly caused them to gain popularity in the consumer market. This impact was most evident with the advent of their Ironman series of watches.

So now that we know a little bit of background information about these two brands, let’s get into a direct comparison of their watches! We’ll start by looking at the build quality.

Armitron Vs Timex: Build Quality

armitron vs timex builds


Once again, since Armitron manufactures different types of watches, the build quality will vary among them. Take their sports watches which we mentioned earlier. Their sports watches feature either digital, or ana-digi displays, and have resin cases paired with acrylic dial windows. The bands on these watches are going to be nylon or plastic. Lastly, Armitron’s sport watches will be water resistant 100 meters.

Their casual and dress watches take a more traditional approach. These watches feature analog displays, and will have the more standard stainless steel cases, although some will also be made of brass. They will also use mineral crystal dial windows.

The water resistance on Armitron’s casual and dress watches is not that much, ranging from no water resistance at all, to a resistance of 50 meters.


Timex also has varying quality among their different watch types. Take their Ironman watches that we talked about earlier, for example. This series also has resin cases, acrylic dial windows, and plastic bands. These appear to be pretty commonly used materials when it comes to making durable watches. Anyways, Timex’s Ironman watches have a water resistance of 200 meters.

Their Expedition series of watches follows suit, possessing resin cases and acrylic dial windows, as these were also designed for more rugged outdoor terrains. The bands on the Expedition watches are made of either fabric or leather a lot of the time. And the water resistance is less than that of the Ironman, at 50 to 100 meters, depending on the model.

The rest of their watches vary in materials. Many have cases made of brass, with mineral crystal dial windows. The water resistance on the vast majority of their watches usually ranges from 30 to 100 meters on average.

Verdict On Build Quality

Looking at the build structure of each brand, it’s a close call, but it looks like Timex comes out ahead in terms of overall build quality.

Next, we’ll compare the design and style of these two brands.

Armitron Vs Timex: Design & Style

armitron vs timex style


You will find that Armitron covers a wide range of styles. There are so many different types of watches, with so many different styles to go with them.

Armitron is going to have a watch for pretty much any occasion you can think of. They have sports watches, digital, dress, and chronographs. lots of options here.


Timex, also, has a large variety of watch types. Like Armitron, they have their sports themed watches, digital, analog, chronographs, dress watches, etc.

Surprisingly enough, their simple styles known as the easy readers are particularly popular. One other thing that does set Timex apart in terms of styles apart is that, similar Casio, they do have retro styled watches.

Verdict On Style

When it comes to design and style, both brands have a lot to offer. Timex, however, has a bit more in terms of variety though, as seen in their retro styles, and easy readers.

Armitron Vs Timex: Pricing

armitron vs timex pricing

These two brands largely match each other in terms of pricing. Both are in the lower tier of the pricing spectrum. And while each brand has their dirt cheap watches, and slightly more expensive ones, they never stray from the budget pricing tier.

Check Armitron Prices On Amazon

Check Timex Prices On Amazon

So to conclude this comparison, which brand is better?

Final Conclusion

In this comparison, Timex has come out ahead. With slightly more robust builds and more diversity of styles, Timex would appear to be the superior brand.

So should you forget about Armitron then? Not at all. There are still going to be cases where an Armitron watch has a better build than a Timex watch, and there will also be instances or cases where an Armitron watch looks better than a Timex.

Watches will vary on an individual basis, so do your due diligence and always compare watch stats before you buy.

That’s it for this comparison. If you enjoyed it, we have many similar matchups that can be found here

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