Casio Vs Rolex: Utility Meets Luxury

Finally, we will do a comparison between Casio vs Rolex. These two big brands are common household names when it comes to watches. We already know That Rolex is possibly the most popular luxury watchmaker in the world. Casio, is one of the most popular watch brands of all time.

When it comes to comparing the two, however, there is an obvious glaring difference. While Rolex is known for having extremely expensive luxury watches, Casio is known for producing inexpensive and affordable watches.

It may be easy to think that Rolex would be the obvious clear winner because they make “high quality” watches, but there are many more factors to consider here as you will see. After all, are Casio watches not high quality as well?

The truth is that both watch brands offer quality in their perspective demographics. While Rolex caters to luxury watch enthusiasts, Casio is more of an “everyman’s” watch. Casio has different watches that suit different purposes.

Anyways, we will be directly comparing these two watch brands in terms of build quality, design, and pricing, but first a brief introduction to each brand.

About Casio And Rolex


Casio is first and foremost an electronics company. This Japanese company was first formed in 1946 and was originally popular for their calculators.

This changed of course, when they started producing watches in 1974. Their watches started growing in popularity in the 80’s and 90’s, and from then on, they were most widely known for their watches. Their G-Shocks, especially, became a highly sought after watch series, and to this day, remains their most popular line of watches.


Rolex is of course the luxury Swiss watch manufacturer. Pretty much everyone knows about this brand as it is highly referenced. Rolex has been featured in media, films, and television countless times.

In addition to this, Rolex has had quite the impact on the industry as a whole. For example, they single-handedly began a trend that caused diving watches to become a popular style. This trend continues even to this day.

And if that isn’t enough, Rolex has historically been at the center of innovation in the industry as well. For example, the first watch that was both water and dust sealed, was manufactured by Rolex. Additionally, their perpetual rotor, made self winding watches more efficient.

Brand Overview Comparison

It’s clear that both brands have had a great impact on the watch industry. However, it would appear that Rolex has had the a bigger influence overall.

Now with the introductions out of the way, we are next going to take a closer look at both brands by getting into a more direct comparison of their watches. We’ll start with the build quality.

Casio Vs Rolex: Build Quality

casio vs rolex build


As already demonstrated by their G-Shock line of watches, Casio places a premium on durability. Now while they do have other types of watches, all of them could be considered pretty sturdy timepieces.

To start with, their G-Shocks have resin cases, many of which are reinforced with carbon fiber, along with resin or plastic bands. The dial windows on G-Shocks are made of mineral crystal. Water resistance on these will be 200 meters, which is enough to go swimming and diving with.

Now Casio makes many other types of watches, including watches more suited for hunting, and even more luxury styled watches. While their Protrek models are going to be more similar to G-Shocks, they have other lines such as their Edifice collection which are designed for a more formal appeal.

On the Edifice watches, you will find cases more traditionally made of stainless steel. That also paired with stainless steel, or leather bands. Bands on Edifice watches could also be made of plastic or resin as well. As with other Casio watches they will have mineral dial windows. The water resistance, however, will be less than with G-Shocks. Water resistance here will usually be 100 meters.

The rest of Casio’s vast library of watches will follow similar build patterns, with varying levels of water resistance, some being as low as 30 meters, and some up to 200 meters. So not all Casio watches are created equally, but they are well built for their relatively inexpensive prices.


Rolex watches are going to have a more refined build that focuses more on the use of premium materials than anything. They are most widely known for their automatic, self-winding mechanical watches. Being Swiss made, Rolex watches use premium in house movements.

The cases on Rolex watches can be made of gold, or platinum, though most are made of stainless steel, but not your run of the mill average stainless steel found in other watches. Rolex watches are made of 904L stainless steel. This type is much stronger and more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel.

Their bands can be made of this same type of stainless steel as well. Bands can also be gold, platinum or high grade leather.

The dial windows on Rolex watches are going to be made of sapphire crystal. This more premium dial window material is more scratch resistant than mineral crystal dial windows.

Lastly, when it comes to water resistance, Rolex watches today will have a water resistance of 100 meters. which is good enough for swimming, snorkeling , and scuba diving. Rolex does however, have watches with much greater water resistance, such as their Sea Dweller, which is water resistant 1220 meters.

Build Quality Verdict

If you are looking at it in terms of the use of premium materials, then Rolex easily wins in terms of overall build quality. Rolex watches are just as much a piece of jewelry as they are a timekeeping mechanism.

However, in terms of practicality, some Casio watches are better, especially G-Shocks if you are looking to wear a watch on a more rugged and harsh outdoor terrain.

Next, we’ll look at the design and style of these two brands.

Casio Vs Rolex: Design & Style

casio vs rolex design and style


casio design

As mentioned before, Casio has many different types of watches, each with their own unique styles. Some of them are going to be more aesthetically pleasing than others. From their retro themed watches, to their Edifice collection, they do have some very nice looking timepieces.


rolex design

Rolex sets trends when it comes to style. In fact, Many Rolex styles are so popular that they have spawned numerous imitators that copy their designs. There is no question as to the impact that Rolex design styles have had on the watch industry.

Design & Style Verdict

While Casio does have some nice looking and popular designs, at the end of the day, Rolex designs have become popular enough to create an entire market segment dedicated to making similarly styled watches.

The last thing we will look at in this comparison is the pricing of these two brands.

Casio Vs Rolex: Pricing

casio vs rolex price

It will come as no surprise that Rolex watches are going to be vastly more expensive than Casio watches. Rolex is a premium Swiss brand using premium components and therefore will command premium prices.

Casio is known to be a budget friendly brand. As such, Casio watches are going to appeal to a much wider market.

Check Casio Watch Prices On Amazon

Check Rolex Watch Prices On Amazon

Now it’s finally time to wrap things up!

Casio Vs Rolex Final Conclusion

So what can we conclude from this comparison? The truth is, that Rolex completely outclasses Casio in terms of design and quality. This is not at all surprising, considering that Rolex is a high end Swiss luxury brand.

However, Casio is consistent at providing great utility watches, as well as some great looking styles, all at pretty reasonable prices.

So what is the final conclusion? If you are looking for one of the better high end Swiss luxury watches, and you have the budget for it then Rolex is for you. For everything else, Casio is the brand to go to.

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