Bliger Watches: Are They Any Good?

In this article we will be taking a closer look at a brand called Bliger watches. Now this is one of those brands that is seemingly unheard of. You see this brand show up sometimes on the online marketplaces. It has all of the qualities of a mushroom brand. Bliger is clearly a Chinese luxury style brand. It has affordable styles that pay homage to high end luxury watches.

When you come across these types of brands, the first thought in your mind is probably, “what is the quality like in these watches?”, and “are they any good?” Even though these watches are not too expensive, they still warrant further investigation.

After all, who wants to spend their hard earned money on a junk watch? So we are here today to find out if Bliger watches are any good at all. In order to do this, we will be looking at 3 major factors in every watch brand: The build quality, designs, and pricing

Ultimately, most all consumers want an nice looking, quality watch at an affordable price. This is especially true when it comes to luxury styled watches and homages.

We will begin by looking at the build quality, and then go from there.

Build Quality

When it comes to determining the true value of a watch, the build quality is the most important thing to look at. So how does Bliger fare in this area?

Bliger produces mechanical, automatic watches with analog displays. The first notable thing about Bliger watches is that a lot of them are made from 316L stainless steel, which is of a higher grade than the traditional basic stainless steel type usually found in watches.

After this, their dial windows are commonly made of sapphire crystal. Again, this is a more premium type of watch window glass than you would usually find in most watches. The majority of watches, use mineral crystal dial windows. The bands tend to be either leather or stainless steel, but some will be made of fabric or other materials. And lastly, they have a water resistance rating of 30 meters.

Overall this type of quality is for the most part above what you typically see in this price range, so it’s strange that I’ve never really heard much about this brand. Anyway, the next thing we are going to look at is the design and style of these watches.

Design & Style

As far as designs go, they follow the same kinds of patterns you see in these kinds of Chinese luxury styled watches. A lot their styles copy or pay homage to the more expensive premium big name luxury brands such as Rolex.

Of particular interest are their diving styled watches. Those are the more popular models, and for good reason. They are styled after the highly popular Rolex Submariner, and are gorgeous to look at. It comes as no surprise that people would like these styles, considering how popular diving watches tend to be.

So when it comes to design and style, Bliger watches hit the sweet spot. You won’t see anything really new with these designs, but they are pretty faithful recreations of their original luxury counterparts.

Now, how are Bliger watches priced when compared to their competitors?


As far as pricing goes, Bliger watches fall into the mid tier pricing spectrum. They are very affordable, all things considered. Yes you can find cheaper watches like this that are pretty good deals, but they won’t have the same level of quality as Bliger watches.

As always, there will be slight variations in the pricing of these watches depending on where you purchase them from, but they never stray from that mid tier price point. So overall, these watches are a very good deal when compared to similar brands.

Check Bliger Watches Prices On Amazon

Now that you have seen what Bliger has to offer, if you are interested in purchasing one, we do have a couple of great recommendations to consider!

Bliger Watches: Recommendations

Bliger GMT Mechanical Watch

This stylish GMT watch is silver colored with a white bezel and dial. It has a very sophisticated look overall.

This watch has an analog display and uses automatic self-winding movement. The case and band are made of stainless steel, with the case being made of 316L stainless steel. It has a sapphire dial window. the water resistance here is 30 meters, which is ok to get a little wet, but shouldn’t be taken swimming or showering.

As far as features go, things stay pretty simple. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel as well as luminous hands an markers. Additionally, there is a date window.

Quick Look

  • automatic self-winding movement
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • sapphire dial window
  • unidirectional rotating bezel
  • luminous hands and markers
  • water resistant 30 meters

Bliger GMT Automatic With Ceramic Bezel

This is an especially unique GMT watch by Bliger. This one has the 24 hour time as an inner ring in the dial. This watch is sliver colored, and has a dark blue and black dial. The ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel is dark blue and black in color as well. There is also a date window located on the right side of the dial.

This watch has an analog display and uses automatic self-winding movement. It has a case and band made of stainless steel. The case is made from 316L stainless steel. It has a sapphire dial window. The watch is only water resistant 30 meters so it can get a little wet, but don’t swim or shower with it.

Quick Look

  • automatic, self-winding movement
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • sapphire dial window
  • ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel
  • water resistant 30 meters

Final Thoughts

So what’s the verdict on Bliger watches? Are they any good? From what we have seen here, Bliger watches offer an unusually high degree of quality for a lower priced watch. From the use of 316L stainless steel, to the sapphire dial windows, it is hard to believe these watches can be purchased so cheap.

When it comes Chinese luxury and homage styled watches, Bliger stands a cut above the rest in terms of quality. This brand is most definitely a brand to consider, if you are looking for this style of watch.

That wraps up our look into Bliger watches. If you liked this article and want to see more of our individual watch, or brand reviews, you can feel free to check those out here

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