Calypso Watches Review: Watches For A New Generation

We love taking an in depth look at underappreciated watch brands. So in today’s short article we will be doing a Calypso watches review. If you came across this article, then you are probably curious about the brand.

Well we will take a look at this brand, and see if their watches are worth buying. We will be looking at the details behind the brand, the types of watches they produce, and the general pricing of their watches.

The first thing we need to do though, is get a little acquainted with the brand.

About Calypso Watches

The Calypso brand came about in 1996, as a subsidiary of the parent company Festina. The basic idea behind the Calypso brand was to appeal to a younger audience. For this reason Calypso has many sportier looking, or even colorful watches in their collection.

These unusual design choices differ from the norms set by traditional watch brands. But that was Calypso’s intention. In order to appeal to their target audience, they had to stand out. So the question is, did they succeed?

Well they have been the official timekeeper for The Color Run, several years in a row. That’s definitely a good sign that they are getting their name out into the public eye.

Anyway, onto the review! In this review we will be taking a closer look at the design, construction, and pricing of Calypso watches to see if they have lived up to their expectations!

Calypso Watches Review


So this is Calypso’s main draw. The design. They wanted something that would be fun and fashionable. I think that they actually achieved this look for the most part.

Their watches are far from formal or luxurious, but they do have that youthful flare they intended for. The majority of them do have unique looks colors, and design style to them. On the other hand, however some of them do come off looking pretty generic.

Overall though, these watches are definitely a little bit different from the norm, but not overly flashy. So I think they strike a nice balance between unique, yet fashionable.

You can browse Calypso’s collections here.


Calypso makes watches that are either digital, or analog. Their analog watches feature Japanese quartz movement. They make watches for adults as well as watches for children.

The first thing that is common to Calypso watches is that they tend to have plastic cases the majority of the time, along with plastic or rubber watch straps. Dial windows on these watches can be mineral, glass, or plastic depending on the type. They have a water resistance of between 50 to 100 meters.

So these are definitely not premium watches, which is fine, because they are not intended to be. That being said, they shouldn’t be priced too expensively.


As far as pricing goes, Calypso watches will not ever be too expensive. You can usually find them on the lower end of the price spectrum, but not as cheap as say, some of Casio’s cheaper watches. This may not seem bad, however, when considering that these watches are usually plastic, with plastic or rubber straps, I feel that they could go for a little less.

Considering brands such as Armitron and Casio do have some watches going for far less than Calypso watches, I feel that these prices are a bit steep for what you are getting. Even Calypso’s sport watches include only the most basic of features, so it’s hard to justify these prices, when you can get that, and more, elsewhere.

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Calypso Watches Recommendations

Now if I wasn’t being to harsh about the price, and you are still interested in purchasing a Calypso watch, here are a few I would recommend.

Calypso Street Life K5760/3

In keeping up with Calypso’s sporty and colorful flair, we have this Calypso Street Life Mens watch. It has the appearance of your average sports styled watch, but instead of the bland blacks and greys typical of such watches, this one sports a bright red strap. This strap matches the red coloring of the outermost time markers. The red really stands out and makes this watch very stylish!

This is an analog watch that uses quartz movement. The watch case itself is plastic, and the band is rubber. It is water resistant 100 meters.

Quick Look

  • eye catching and stylish red coloring
  • water resistant 100 meters

Calypso Unisex

Like the name states, this watch is perfect for either sex. This one has a simple, lightweight and sleek appearance. If you are into fitness activities such as running, or calisthenics, then the low profile slim design of this watch makes it a good choice for that purpose.

This watch is digital. It has a plastic polycarbonate case, paired with a plastic strap. It is water resistant 100 meters. Features a backlight, stopwatch, dual timers, and alarm functions.

Quick look

  • unisex
  • lightweight and sleek, great for sports
  • features stopwatch, alarm, and dual timers
  • has a backlight
  • water resistant 100 meters

Calypso Women’s Digital Watch

Here’s one for the ladies! This is another Calypso watch with a simple, slim design. It is has a purple color to it, although you can get this same watch in silver as well. This one, too would be good for sporting activities.

It has a plastic polycarbonate case, with a plastic strap. It is water resistant 50 meters. Other features include a backlight, and a lap timer.

Quick Look

  • slim sporty profile
  • has a backlight
  • includes a lap timer function
  • water resistant 50 meters
    • not really expensive, but do seem a little overpriced for their value


Ultimately what we have here are some stylish, sporty watches with unique designs and color patterns. I personally feel that they could be priced a little lower. But ultimately if you like the style, then they’re definitely worth it. After all, we are not talking about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars!

That being said, this concludes our review of Calypso watches. I hope you enjoyed this little article and gained some insight into a watch brand you previously may not have known much about. If you like, then you can check out some of our other watch reviews here.

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