Henry London Watches Review: British Fashion For All!

Today we will be doing a review of Henry London Watches. In a change of pace from the usual Chinese watch brands we cover, this is a British styled fashion watch brand. Henry London is an affordable brand that showcases both the style and elegance of British watches. As with any brand that a person would be looking into, you would want to know whether or not this is a good watch brand.

And finding out if Henry London is a good brand or not is exactly what this article is about. So what exactly makes a “good” brand? Is it popularity, pricing, build quality? The answer to that depends entirely on what type of watch you are looking for.

If you ware going with Swiss luxury brands, then the build quality would take precedence. For a fashion centric brand like Henry London, style is the main aim.

Nevertheless, we are going to take a look at the build quality, style, and pricing of these watches. By looking at these factors and the purpose that these watches serve, we can indeed find out whether or not Henry London watches are worth a purchase.

Henry London Watches Review

The first thing we are going to examine is the build quality. Fashion based watches usually don’t have a high mark in this department. So how does Henry London Fare in this area?

Build Quality

Henry London manufactures quartz watches with analog displays. The cases are made of either stainless steel, or other metal alloys. The dial windows are acrylic. They employ Japanese quartz movement.

Bands typically come in the stainless steel, or leather varieties. As for water resistance, they are water resistant 30 meters. That’s enough to get by with light splashes of water, but it won’t be good for showers, or swimming.

So overall a pretty modest build quality, which is what you would expect from a fashion watch brand. Like I mentioned before, these watches are not designed for rough treatment.

Design & Style

Here lies the main crux of a fashion watch brand: the style. And Henry London delivers its own unique take on fashion.

The majority of their styles follow a more minimalist design scheme. Even their chronographs have a more simplistic look despite the presence of sub dials. I find it interesting that they are able to pull this off on a chronograph.

Other than that, most of their watches follow the business casual look. These types watches would be great for formal attire. Things like formal gatherings, office workplace environments, and parties.

So overall Henry London watches have a very distinct presence about them. They have that look of sophistication, and thus are best suited for very specific activities. For instance, they wouldn’t really be suited for sporting events, workouts, hiking or anything like that. But for casual wear or business casual, these look great.


When it comes to pricing, you will be happy to know that Henry London watches are not going to break bank! While not necessarily bargain bin priced, they are still extremely affordable watches.

The prices stay on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Yes there will be varied prices between different models, but they are all in the low end price ranges.

What this means is that basically they can fit just about any budget. Unless you are extremely strapped for cash, you won’t be out very much money by purchasing one of these watches.

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Now if you are actually thinking about making that Henry London watch purchase, but you’re not quite sure exactly what to get, we do have a couple of recommendations for you.

Henry London Watches: Recommendations

Henry London Unisex Analogue Knightsbridge

This Henry London Knightsbridge has that simple aesthetic to it. This one has a bluish green sunburst dial, and a black leather band. It also has a date window. The cool thing about this particular model is that it is unisex, which means it is suitable to wear for any gender.

It is an analog watch that uses Japanese quartz movement. It has a case made of metal alloy and an acrylic dial window. You get 30 meters of water resistance, which will protect it against small splashes of water, but is not suitable for swimming or diving.

Quick Look

  • sunburst dial
  • quartz movement
  • unisex
  • date window
  • water resistant 30 meters

Henry London Ladies Chronograph

This is a women’s chronograph styled watch. It is rose gold colored with a green dial. It still keeps the simplistic look while adding a sporty flair. Also has a date window at the 6 o’clock position.

This watch is powered by Japanese quartz movement and has an analog display. The case is metal alloy, the dial window is acrylic, and finally, the band is made of stainless steel. Once again, it has a water resistance of 30 meters, which will handle most small splashes, but not swimming, diving , or any other aquatic activities.

Quick Look

  • chronograph style
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • date window
  • water resistant 30 meters.

Final Conclusion: Are Henry London Watches Any Good?

After examining these different aspects of Henry London watches, what conclusion can we came to? Are Henry London watches any good?

Henry London watches are good, if you are a fan of more simplistic and formal styles. While this style may not be appealing to everyone, if this is a style that suits you, then Henry London watches are certainly worth checking out.

With low prices, and attention to detail, Henry London is an excellent choice for formal attire. If, however, you want a fashion watch with a more contemporary flair, then you should check out brands like Fossil, or, Guess. For a women’s only take, Anne Klein would be a good choice as well!

Anyways, that completes our review of Henry London watches. If you found this to be an interesting read, then please don’t hesitate to try check out some of our other reviews of watches and watch brands here

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