Pintime Watches: For The Love Of The Bling

Today we will be looking at yet another brand that has surfaced on the online marketplaces. This time we are going to review Pintime watches.

While this brand does offer a few other styles, we are going to be focusing on their iced out watches. These are the styles that are most popular among Pintime watches. It’s easy to see why.

“Iced out”, or also known as “bust down” watches refer to watches that are encrusted with diamonds. These styles have become popular among celebrities, especially in the world of hip hop.

In the hip hop culture, these types of watches are used as a symbol of status and wealth. Unfortunately, they are out of reach for the average person as prices can range from the many thousands, to even millions of dollars for a real authentic iced out watch.

However, this does not stop companies from replicating the styles at much cheaper prices. Take brands such as Luxerman, for instance, who do offer watches that at least have real diamonds in them at relatively low prices.

But we’re not here to talk about that today. Instead, we are here to talk about this super cheap brand that does not contain any real diamonds yet has the same style of a bust down watch.

We will be looking at the build quality, design, and pricing of Pintime watches in an attempt to find out if they are even worth a purchase at all.

Pintime Watches Review

The first thing to look at in these watches is the build quality.

Build Quality

What you find here in the general build of these watches is nothing special. These are quartz watches, featuring analog displays. The cases are made from metal alloys. Dial windows are typically mineral crystal.

The bands are made of stainless steel. These watches are not water resistant either, so keep them from getting wet if at all possible.

There is not a whole lot amazing going on with these builds. Clearly, these are not, by any means high end watches. they are decent, however, for being such low priced timepieces.

Next, we’ll take a look at the designs.

Design & Style

If you came here to find something that had the style of an iced out watch, then you will not be disappointed. For what you are paying, you get the styles of frosted diamond encrusted watches, at bargain prices.

No these won’t fool anybody up close, but from a distance, and in passing, they do have the glitter and luster of a bust down watch. Definitely not bad for a watch that has no real diamonds in it.

In terms of style, these do hit the mark, and they do present the look that they are going for. Just don’t be surprised if they give away their real value upon closer inspection.

Other than that, though, these are sure to impress in party or club type settings. Now, we can talk about the prices.


Pintime watches present true bargain bin pricing. These watches really are dirt cheap, especially compared to other similarly styled brands.

Being this cheap is a good thing, as it takes away some of the potential buyer apprehension. There is not as much to potentially lose, if you are not investing a whole lot of money into a watch anyway.

Common concerns may be the longevity of a watch. You may not be sure how long the watch will work, or how long the looks will last until it fades. However, with such low prices, these concerns pretty much vanish, as budget watches are quite easily replaceable.

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So, now that we’ve seen what Pintime watches are all about, you may be interested in purchasing one. In that case, we do have a couple of recommendations!

Pintime Watches Review: Recommendations

Luxury Mens/Womens Unisex Crystal Watch Bling Iced-Out Watch

This is a beautiful watch with the complete frosted iced out look. This one is all silver, but it comes in other color options such as gold and rose gold. This one is unisex, so it will look good on male or female wrists. Also features a small date window at the 3 o’clock position.

This is an analog watch that uses quartz movement. The case is made of metal alloy, the dial window is mineral crystal, and the band is stainless steel. It is not water resistant, so keep it from getting wet.

Quick Look

  • unisex
  • date window
    • not water resistant

Mens Bling Punk Chronograph Watch Iced Out

This one has a much more unique look. It has more of a steampunk aesthetic. Here, the iced out portion surrounds the bezel only. It has the skeleton open display case style, as well as a calendar located at the top. Overall, it’s a good look. It comes in several different color variations.

The watch is quartz and has an analog display. It has an alloy case with a glass dial window. The band is silicone. Not water resistant, so keep it far away from water sources. Other features include full chronograph functionality, as well as luminous hands.

Quick Look

  • skeleton case display
  • date window
  • chronograph features
  • luminous hands
    • not water resistant

Now, with that all out of the way, what is our final conclusion on Pintime watches?

Final Conclusion: Are Pintime Watches Any Good?

So, are Pintime watches really worth it? All things considered, you are looking at a watch that definitely doesn’t hold to the highest of quality standards. For what they are though, and for such a low price, they aren’t bad really. I can’t complain.

If all you want is a watch that has that iced out, bust down look, and don’t want to spend much money, then Pintime watches are going to be a good choice. They do possess that look, and at dirt cheap prices for that matter. All in all, Pintime watches are not a bad choice when it comes to budget bling.

And that concludes our Pintime watches review. If you want to see more of our reviews of watches and brands, then feel free to check out some of those. They can be found here

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