Tissot Vs Longines – Entry Level Vs Mid Level Swiss!

tissot vs longines

In today’s comparison article, we will be looking at the two Swiss watch brands Tissot Vs Longines. Once again, we are covering two Swiss luxury watch brands. Swiss watches are known to be some of the highest quality watches you can buy, But not all Swiss watches are created equal. Hence, why we have such … Read more

Tissot Vs Raymond Weil – Entry Level Swiss Options!

tissot vs raymond weil

Today we will be comparing the two Swiss watch brands Tissot Vs Raymond Weil. The cool thing about these two brands is that that they are both Swiss made. As many of you probably already know, Swiss watches are known for having the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. The main problem, however, with luxury … Read more

Tissot Vs Tag Heuer: Entry Level And Mid-Range Swiss

tissot vs tag heuer

In this article, we will be looking at the Swiss watch brands Tissot Vs Tag Heuer. We all know that Swiss brands are considered to be the pinnacle of achievement in watchmaking. While these are both Swiss luxury brands, they differ in one major area. Tissot is more of an entry level Swiss brand, while … Read more

What Are Entry Level Swiss Watches?

what are entry level luxury watches

In this article we are going to explain what entry level Swiss watches are, as well as several popular brands that produce them. Everyone knows that Swiss made watches are considered to be the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship in watchmaking. That being said, they often come with a more premium price point. A lot of … Read more

Raymond Weil Vs Rado: Entry Level Swiss Options!

raymond weil vs rado

In this article we will be comparing Raymond Weil watches Vs Rado watches. These two brands have in common the fact that they are both considered entry level Swiss luxury watches. We all know that Swiss luxury watches are considered the epitome of a quality watch. Swiss made watches have a long history of quality … Read more

Oris Vs Longines – Who Makes the Better Swiss?

Oris vs Longines

In this article, the comparison will be between the two Swiss giants Oris Vs Longines. Both of the brands are well known and respected within the industry. They both have long and storied histories As Swiss brands, we know that they are going to be held to the highest in terms of quality standards. Both … Read more

Mido Vs Hamilton – Swiss Made Vs Made Swiss!

mido vs hamilton

In this article we are going to be exploring the two Swiss brands Mido vs Hamilton. This will be an interesting comparison because as we know, Swiss brands are revered for their focus on quality and precision timepieces. But one brand must be better than the other, right? The answer to which one is better … Read more

Are Rado Watches Good?

rado watches review

In this article we will be looking in to the Rado brand in order to find out whether or not these watches are, in fact, any good. Rado is a Swiss watch brand that could be considered entry level. This is because they are priced much more affordably than other notable big name Swiss brands … Read more

Ingersoll Vs Tissot – American or Swiss Luxury?

ingersoll vs tissot

In this article, we are going to be doing a rather brief, yet thorough comparison between Ingersoll Vs Tissot brands’ watches. These are two brands you may or may not be familiar with, depending on your knowledge of the industry. Ingersoll is an American made watch brand, while Tissot, is a Swiss made brand. Now, … Read more