Invicta Vs Seiko: Which Makes The Better Dive Watch?

invicta vs seiko

In today’s comparison, we will be looking at Invicta vs Seiko watches. These two brands are best known for their dive watches. So when we are comparing these two brands, the focal point of the comparisons will be on their dive watches. Dive watches have have been especially popular ever since Rolex brought the style … Read more

Skmei Vs Casio: Is This A Casio Killer?

skmei vs casio

Today, we’ll be looking at another watch brand comparison. This time it will be Skmei vs Casio. A lot of people like to compare other watch brands against the Casio brand. Casio is a well established brand, and stands as a giant in the watch industry. They are known for both their quality and affordability. … Read more

Casio A158 Review: Retro Design At Its Best?

casio a158 review

Today we are going to do a review of the Casio A158. This particular model inhabits Casio’s retro styled model line. Casio’s retro styled watches bring back the styles that were popular with Casio watches throughout the majority of the 80’s and 90’s. If you are an older Casio fan, then you may remember some … Read more